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Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel Review

Here is a review on Mission’s latest product, the Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel.

I will say that when I first saw the ads for the towel I was skeptical but truthfully… this thing actually works. The one downside or critique I have is that they are not clear on how to properly care for the product. I don’t know if I can put this in the washer or dryer… if detergent will harm the cooling effect and so on. Other than that it’s a great product and it’s affordable.

It would be best for outdoor sports and activities. Runners will benefit most from the towel since you can run with it around your neck and shoulder area where it will soak up your sweat which can then be turned into a cooling agent with a quick snap of the towel. Outdoor hoopers, Soccer players, Football, Volleyball, Tennis… even just hanging out outside on a hot day, this towel can be used for anywhere instantly.

You can buy now at Foot Locker stores & online at retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authorities or you can easily Google it to find other retailers.

  1. is that dwight on the cover? you should ask him how to clean it.

    oh wait. he might want to trade his with yours. hehe.

    i think you can clean it in the washer and it should have just a couple of months of use for the cooling agent. take a clearer picture of the tag. the symbols could be found on the internet.

  2. Cool stuff, but I think these are very unnecessary. Ankle bracers, knee pads, traction enhancers are useful in times, but this product seems almost gimmicky…

    1. I disagree. It may not be entirely useful for indoor hoops but outdoors is great and golf, running, construction… Many uses and its easy to use. Keeping cool in high heat is useful in my opinion.

      1. Amen to that. These would have been great when I was still playing competitive futbol/soccer back in high school to college. These would be much better than soaking my head & neck with ice cold water to cool down during half time & after a game.

  3. I just read about mission Cooling Towel at clothingRIC, and also take eye of pro and cons of cooling towel that is great technology has 30% MORE COOLING POWER to stay us cool and comfortable. This towel is available in reasonable price with multiple function like its made with made up of nylon and polyster, that is safe to use under harm rays of sun as it has UPF 50 protection.

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