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McDavid Protective Leg Sleeves – Performance Product Review

Here we have a performance product review on the Protective Leg Sleeves from McDavid.

Using leg sleeves and knee pads are essential to some ballers. Leg sleeves/pads offer protection and compression for those who are always looking to reduce swelling or protect sensitive knees. Also leg sleeves/pads allow the user to stay warm during down time on the court, things such as; timeouts, fouls, and halftimes are all these things can make a player cold and stiff. In the video below i review and compare the McDavid Protective Leg Sleeves and the adidas TechFit Knee Pads. Both products are great and offer beneficial features for any basketball player, but depending on what you are looking for, one product may be more beneficial than the other.

The Pros: 

  • Length: The McDavid Knee Sleeves cover a large area of your leg, this helps keep you warm and protects the users leg in more areas than a standard knee sleeve/pad would.
  • Price: For only $35 you get a pair (2) of the McDavid Protective Leg Sleeves. Competitors price their sleeves/pads at around the $20 mark for only one sleeve/pad.
  • Weight: One of the lightest knee pads i have used in a while. The Hex pad feels lighter than competitors and offers the same amount of protection as other top sleeves/pads.

The Cons:

  • Fit: Extreme tightness in the lower thigh area causes discomfort and could be a distraction on court.

You can purchase the McDavid Protective Leg Sleeves at McDavid for $35 (two sleeves included), and the adidas TechFit Knee Pads for $20 (one sleeve only) here.

  1. Performance reviews on products like these are long overdue on this site.

    How about the sizing, is it the same (M), comparing Adidas with McDavid?
    How about going up a size, do you expect a sloppy fit or do you KNOW that it’ll be sloppy?

    I myself wear the 8836 Active Multisports (calf) sleeves and only on the first wear I experienced discomfort, making me wonder about having picked the wrong size. But every wear after that, there was no problem.

    1. Both sleeves/pads are a size medium. Off the bat the McDavid ones are longer by design, the only area of concern as far as fit is in the thigh area. The McDavid knee sleeves fit small in this area as stated in the video.

  2. Nice review. I’ve been wearing the McDavid leg sleeves for over a year and I absolutely LOVE them. I have the all black ones and the compression they give is great. You didn’t mention they have different sizes. I didn’t measure the size of my thighs, but I’m 5’9″ and weigh 165lbs and got a size M and they fit great. Maybe you could have gotten a larger size. They don’t roll down your thigh area once you start to sweat. I swear by these because the Hexpad gives you protection whenever you land on your knees.

  3. Own the adidas knee pads in size medium and overall, think they get the job done. Probably next I’ll go for a large

  4. Just picked these up yesterday to protect my knees. Should have waited for your review. Good info. Just tried them on and noticed the tightness as well. I would rather it be tight than loose though.

  5. For the McDavid ones, i have the same tight problem. I fold over the top of the sleeve. It helps a lot but is still tight. I think its just we asians with thick thighs too.

  6. Never had any issues with tightness around the thigh area. And I have VERY big thighs.

    Never tried the Adidas Leg Sleeves, but I have the McDavids and I LOVE them.

  7. Its suppose to be tight. Its compression. And maybe the difference in tightness is due to graded compression like in 2XU’s

  8. Been in love with the McDavid gears since I bought them 2 years ago. Been using this leg sleeve for some time now, but I came to a problem where my feet would cramp more easily when I was wearing this product. Ended up wearing it for only important games that were timed short. I’m not sure whether it’s the excess compression that’s causing this. Did you ever have this problem, having cramps more easily?

    1. I used to cramp up easily deep inside my hamstring-piriformis when i started wearing full compression pants (2xu elite).

      I found out that some of my leg and back muscles were tight to begin with and the compression aggravated the tension and this led to the cramps a few minutes into the games.

      Eventually after foam rolling, dynamic stretching and weeks of persistence i am now very comfortable with the compression.

    2. Could be too much tension on your calves and shin thats pulling on your feet muscles and tendons, leading to cramps in your arch or peroneal tendon.

  9. Just an FYI, you can get 2 of the white adidas pads for ~15 dollars on their website with free shipping. I have McDavid pads and love them but need another pair and can’t beat the price.

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