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A Look Inside Nike’s Sports Research Lab

Nike gives us a look inside their world class sports research lab.

Nike continues to push the boundaries in sportswear technology, and they can do this because they do extensive research to capture an athletes needs. In the Nike sports research lab, world class data capturing technology helps nike understand what an athlete needs to perform at the highest level. Its an amazing process and while watching the footage in the video below, my mouth was open in awe the entire time.

The things Nike can do with the data they collect is amazing, they can capture movements in up to 30,000 frames per second to see what you normally wouldn’t with the naked eye. Check out the video below as well as the jump to see what makes nike the world wide leader in sportswear and a closer look inside its sports research lab, its a great feature and you can learn a lot from the Q&A interview, i strongly advise you read the entire feature word for word.

Via: Nike Inc

“Our function is to provide knowledge and insights. We are the global repository for the science of human performance and potential.” — Matthew Nurse, Senior Director of the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab

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