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LaMarcus Aldridge Signs with Jordan Brand

Longtime Nike athlete LaMarcus Aldridge’s sneaker contract expired in September and he has reportedly signed on with Jordan Brand, via the Portland Trail Blazers digital reporter:

The Blazers Power Forward had been with Nike dating back to his days at the University of Texas. Aldridge has worn mostly Hyperposites for the last few years, including PEs like the one in this article. LaMarcus had recently been spotted wearing Retro Jordans on-court, including the ‘He Got Game’ 13, which was a good sign of the JB deal happening.

Aldridge joins a slew of NBA players representing the Jumpman logo including Jabari Parker, Victor Oladipo, Joe Johnson, as well as the faces of the brand in Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin.

What do you guys think of the news? Do you think Aldridge will ever get his own signature sneaker? Let us know in the comments below.

Via OregonLive

  1. Curious what he will wear, since he is used to Air Max..Probably 28/29…

    No way he will ever get a sig…Great player though.

  2. I am definitely confident that he will not have his own signature line, even though he is clearly one of the best players in the league today.

  3. I dont see him ever getting a sig. Probably going to be like Blake and be a face of the Superfly with some crazy PE’s.

    As for his Hyperposites….. I honestly dont understand why Nike didn’t release better colorways. Its a really awesome shoe but the PE’s were MUCH better than all of the general releases. And the PE’s would have sold. I don’t get it. I guess all of their factories with “Posite” materials were busy making Millions of Lebron XI’s that would end up on the clearance racks and outlets.

    1. LOL! I didn’t get it either. Some of those PEs would have sold out so quickly. Instead, they tried to push some of the worse colors on the masses. It sucked and wasn’t worth it to me so I saved my money. It wasn’t even a hard decision.

  4. This is really intriguing as what shoe will LaMarcus wear… I don’t think the Superfly will be it as that shoe is pretty much synonymous with Blake Griffin. Maybe he’ll wear all the remastered Retros coming out next year. Better question is who’ll wear the new Hyperposites… I think only LaMarcus and Chris Bosh were wearing them, and sometimes Rajon Rondo wore them. This was a much bigger loss for Nike than a big gain for JB.

    1. Unless there is a upcoming team model that has yet come out and based on preferences/playstyle,
      maybe wear some well-cushioned models Air Jordan models (something that will cushioned forefoot and heel).

  5. All this means now is that there is guaranteed no way they’re releasing any of his legendary Hyperposite PE’s. Goddammit he had some fire stuff goin last year

  6. I came back to dig this one up. I saw him rocking a retro on the Blazers’ opening night. Here’s a hint:
    “Tinker made them shine, Mike made them fly, You made them iconic.”

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