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Kicksology.net – Don’t Call it a Comeback

How and why are not important… only that it’s happened. The original performance review site, Kicksology.net, has returned!

Younger guys might not understand what this means, but older hoopers know exactly how important this is. Ernest Kim is the OG of performance reviews. Dude knows his stuff and knows it so well that Nike gave him a job. Unfortunately, he won’t be posting new performance reviews – he actually mentioned WearTesters on his site! (nerd moment) – but he will be posting his random thoughts and he’ll also be bringing back some of his past reviews. You can actually check out his OG Nike Air Flightposite review now… see if the 2014 edition holds a candle to them.

I suggest you head over there and check out their archives. Tons of wonderful performance info to fill your brain.

Kicksology.net - Don't Call it a Comeback

    1. I agree. That was the best site for performance reviews. I gotta admit though those guys did a better job than Sole Collector in performance reviews

  1. I had so much fun reading those reviews way back then. spent a lot of time on that site. the quality of the shoes was better then imo. the products were all about performance and retros hadnt ruined the industry. good times

  2. E was the man, has been my hero since he talked me into the Jet Flight and Adidas Kobe. Took all my inspiration and influence from him and just try to emulate his style, which may sound stupid and hacking but when you are that good, all anyone else can do is pay respect. I remember every day coming from work and checking for new reviews and seeing the new comments from readers. So good to just see the site back up.

    1. I didn’t even know of Kicksology when I first started doing this. People would tell me that my style and knowledge reminded them of Prof K. Wound up being given a link to his sites archive somehow and read every single review he had written, along with a few of the other reviewers he had contribute. Was great to read his stuff and it was shocking how similar we were, right down to the sarcastic wit. I tried to meet him while I was in Portland too… sadly he wasn’t on campus that day.

      1. Prof. K was THE OG… never knew he got a job at Nike… maybe NW will follow in his footsteps in the near future.

      2. The wit is what I always enjoyed more than the information. Anyone could write techno jumble. He made it personal and I could “see” the shoe being played in. One reason I still love reading reviews, and also one reason I love your video reviews – they are personal without being over the top “look at me”. Keep it up, my man.

  3. Man this brings me back. I used sneak into my local community college back when I was in high school, just to check out this site, cause they were the only spot that had DSL at the time. Man those were the good ole days

  4. prof K writes review like it was a novel/thesis
    so detail, thorough, & top notch pictures
    my favourite: flight turbine & ultraflight review

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