Jordan Super.Fly 4 PO Performance Review

I have been a REALLY huge fan of the Super.Fly line from Jordan. To me, when the first model released, it signified a return to performance for the Jordan line. Jordan Brand was seen as a retro brand, even more than now. Jordan was not even considered a performance brand for the most part – even the signature model was clowned for design and advancement.

Four years later, Blake Griffin has taken over the Super.Fly line as his de facto signature shoe. From the Lunar/Zoom combo in the original to the Flight Plate evolution in the 2, 3, and now the Flight Speed in the 4, the Super.Fly has been the little brother, performing right along with the signature shoes but with a lesser name and following. So after our review of last fall’s Super.Fly 4, and how well it performed, what could possibly be upgraded in the PO version? Thought you would never ask…

Superfly 4.PO - Traction Superfly 4.PO - Cushion 1 Superfly 4.PO - Cushion 2 Superfly 4.PO - Materials Superfly 5.PO - Fit Superfly 4.PO - Support Superfly 4.PO overall

Superfly 4 PO Score card


  1. That font and layout are really difficult to read, especially with the color changes, tell your designer to dial it back.

      1. It may be a pain, but if you will go to page 2 on our reviews, it will be plain text and pics going forward. Just click the link under the “overall” slide.

        1. Duke, was that second page always there? I didn’t even notice it before you said something. Interesting and great to see that you guys are being creative and catering to everyone with the plain text. Great work as always bro.

    1. We’ve done research and testing on the new layout and the results came back positive. Layouts like this have been used for decades in textbooks, magazines and PDF files. We did put a second plain text page for those who need it, but the new layout is a throwback to the old SLAM articles that we all grew up with.

      Most of the negative feedback came from those who we’re reading on low quality screens and those who didn’t use their as a pointer.

      We appreciate your feedback and the plain text is there as an alternative so there is really something for everyone.

  2. I like how the Playoff updates for Jordan(these, the CP3 AE, Ultra Fly, and even the XXX) all use progressive-materials, but in a more traditional-construction, it kind of ‘calms’ the feel of the shoes, like you said, makes little changes work, and reduces the ‘make/break risk’.

  3. Duke, strictly from a readers point of view, that was a very disappointing review. You put so much time into wear testing the shoe, and you ended up copy and pasting 3 of the 5 sections from the previous review right back in. I get that the traction is identical. But the zoom feeling different right from the get go? Tell us readers more about it. Support on this model is the same? How do you feel about the new materials that they used and how it affects the overall shoe’s fit (and therefore the overall support)? For sneakerheads and reviewers alike, we love to read about these kinds of things. The fact that you simply transferred a significant chunk of text from one review to another is just… lazy, in my opinion.

    Sorry for my mini rant, but I just feel that the quality of shoe reviews recently (with the exception of Nightwing’s) are far, far below where they could potentially be. I love reading performance reviews just as much as the next person, but when I read a piece of work that seems rushed and unfinished, it saddens me a little. This new layout of Weartesters is professional and all, but if the content isn’t there, then neither is the awesomeness.

    Sincerely, A devoted reader

    1. Sorry, I don’t see this as lazy at all. I see it merely as a reflection of what the shoe company did in this model – the Recycled cushioning, traction, and support, so I recycle my reviews in those sections. I did note the before you begin reading that these sections were identical to the Superfly 4 review so if you did not feel like reading the same thing you could skip. I understand where you feel I was lazy, but really if nothing changed, why should my words?

    2. Trust me, this is not a common thing. On shoes that are different or have never been reviewed you will still get your in-depth details and performance notes. I just didn’t feel there was any other way to say the same thing I said four months ago.

  4. Not sure if this helps but for Google chrome users, you can try the “Reader View”. It isolates the review section and removes other parts of the website for easier reading.

    Personally, I think it is the website’s font that kinda makes it wide but I just dial down the magnification and I’m good.

    To each their own. Oh, great review as always.

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