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Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review

Jordan Super.Fly, round 3…

Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 1Traction – Same pattern as the Air Jordan XX9 is in place, but the XX9 proved to be more efficient when dust was present. Why? I have no idea… its most likely due to the rubber compound but that’s just me speculating. But, that isn’t to say that the Super.Fly’s were bad. Overall, they supply you with the same multidirectional traction as the XX9, which is a solid feature, just know that you’ll need to wipe a little more often if you play on less than desirable court conditions. These gripped the court nicely outdoors as well, so if you play on the blacktop then these will be good to go.




Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 2Cushion – Flight Plate and unlocked Zoom Air, another feature brought over from the XX9 to the SF3… only these feel amazing. The unlocked Zoom in the XX9 was less pronounced, still great, but less pronounced. These on the other hand… feel more stable than the original unlocked setup from the XX8, and more responsive than the XX9 as well. The forefoot in the SF3 is so damn comfortable that I’ve even been wearing a pair casually. Sure, you don’t need unlocked Zoom to go grocery shopping… but it makes grocery shopping much more fun.

The heel still features a foam-only setup, and I loved it. I wasn’t bothered by the Super.Fly 2’s foam-only setup, and even found it to be equally, if not more, comfortable than the XX8’s… and the same can be said for these vs. the XX9’s. This version feels much smoother than the SF2, with a lower profile setup but more comfort… go figure. You’ll feel much more stable in these guys than last years model and you won’t be sacrificing any of the cushion or comfort.



Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 3Materials – After seeing the model unveiled, I thought that these would feature a similar upper to the adidas Crazy Light Boost. Unfortunately, I was wrong. These do have a textile mesh upper, but it’s glued to a hard Fuse shell with fuse overlays. Its just a whole lot of Fuse and its not the softer flexible Fuse that I have learned to appreciate. For someone my size, this meant some awkward flexing at the forefoot while in motion. It wasn’t something that hurt my mobility on-court, but it wasn’t a lace em up and go without knowing you’re wearing shoes type of feeling. When I wear the XX9’s, you forget you have anything on your feet… when you wear the SF3, you definitely know you’re wearing shoes. Not a bad thing per se, just not my personal preference. The bright side is that the upper is durable as hell and shows no signs of wear, so if you only get one pair of shoes for both on and off court usage then these will as least last you a good while.



Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size and offer great lockdown from heel to forefoot. The Flight Web works, and I find these nylon cables to be a bit more durable than Dynamic Flywire. Forefoot fit is slightly narrow, but I found that to be a positive aspect, personally, as it offered greater containment. That awkward flex that I mentioned above is felt though, so again… not the best one to one fit… but great lockdown and containment.





Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 5Ventilation – There isn’t much. The tongue offers some air flow but not much… and that Fuse shell doesn’t breath at all. If you need ventilation then this could be a factor for you.





Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 6Support – Ample support all the way through. To put things simply, these are like a more supportive XX9. The XX9’s were great, but some feel that a woven upper can’t keep them as secure as they’d like… these will do that and then some. Not restrictive support, just ample support.





Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 7Overall – Really comfortable no matter how long you play on-court. Traction, cushion and durability are all great aspects to their performance. My only real complaint comes from the materials. I’d like something a little more mesh based, but this is a shoe intended for a big man that can be used by a little guy… so I see the need for more supportive materials. If you can’t – or don’t want to – afford the Air Jordan XX9… these will do you just fine and you can find them for $139.99 – if you look hard and use coupons then you can get them for even less.

Jordan Super.Fly 3 Performance Review 8

    1. Hi NIGHTWING,


      Sorry for the long post but a definitive answer to this question will save me a lot of stress, disappointment and MONEY!! I have already wasted money on the SF2s! and this is why.. Im currently resident in Nigeria, 99% of the time we play OUTDOORS (sometimes more concrete than asphalt).

      Took me a month or so of reading reviews and doing my best research to find what shoe would last outdoors, as the 3 shoes i’d been using interchangeably for over 6 months before coming back to Nigeria didn’t last through 3 months of play here! I eventually settled for the SF2s (im hardcore jordan, so it had to be a pair of jordans). I kid you not, the SF2s did not last 2 months before the outsoles (particularly the front foot) wore out and revealed the zoom unit and that was the death of this shoe. I play on average 1 – 1.5 hours 4 days a week.

      On further research i figured i would have been better off with the Nike Hyperfranchise! Now i wanna get a replacement (2 pairs to be honest) But i still can’t find it within me to not play in a pair of jordans, and im IN LOVE WITH THESE SF3s.

      So please advise me, will these die as young as the SF2s if i got them?

      If so what Jordans would you recommend?

      or am i just gonna have to have an extramarital affair with the Hyperfranchise?!


      1. Yeah man the SF2s burn out quick, they have a really peaked pattern on the outsole, that kind is the quickest to burn out, just what like the CP3 VII was. This one though (SF3) looks like it might last longer, especially if you try find the XDR rubber version. I’ve only played in my pair a few times so far, but they feel like they might last for a pretty long time. Also go the Super Eagles! 😀

  1. Thanks for a awesome review! U right the upper is a little basic coming from the xx9! Both I love both of them! Jordan brand is nothing but home runs right now! Any word on the melo 11 ?

  2. So glad I was able to grab a pair of these in the black and white colorway at the employee store for $70! Played in them for the first time last night and I like them way more than the lebrons 10s I’ve been wearing this last year. Thanks for all your work Nightwing!

  3. With this, the XX9, the CP3 and Melo lines, JB showing why they are still THE leader in performance basketball sneakers today.

  4. I really hated the XX9 heel cushioning, ended up returning them even though i loved the look(grey/orange). Do you think it has softer heel cushion compared to the XX9s?

      1. Can you please reply nightwing. I’m one of those guys who buy only one ball shoe for the season and I need it to last me a long time. I only play indoor and hearing about the zoom pop age in last years SF2 was the reason I never got them. I really want to get the SF3 because it’s such a good performer but I really can’t afford to have the zoom bag pop on me. Do you think that these would hold up without any problems. I’m 5’9 and I play point gaurd

        1. I had my SF2 pop on me and all I had to do was send them to Nike and I got full credit for the shoe. The whole process might have taken two weeks at most. I got the Melo M10s to replace them and actually haven’t had a problem with them yet.

    1. I still think Nike is the best considering there big 3 models this year, to go along with the hyper revs, hyperfuse prime hype df, hyperdunks, and soilders. Also nike technically owns Jordan brand

  5. Hi nightwing,
    Did you experience any pinching with that awkward flexing that you mentioned? I’ve personally never tried unlocked zoom or micro g. Do you prefer unlocked zoom to a micro g setup? Appreciate all your work.

    1. No pinching, just awkward flexing. I really enjoy both cushions. I’d probably lean more towards Micro G just bc I really like foam cushion, but the Zoom is just as nice.

  6. Where would these rank in your personal opinion? And are you going to come out with your personal favs for the year when the time comes? Thanks and great work as usual

  7. Thanks for another great review! I got the SF2s based on your review. They are just about perfect. I guess I’ll hve to get the SF3s since there won’t be an SE Jordan 29, $225 is too high for me. Also, picked up the XX8 SEs. Can you talk to your friends at JB and have them out out an SE XX9?

  8. Thanks for the review Nightwing! Best Flightplate setup yet IMO! I like how the plate continues from the inside of the shoe and wraps up on the outside on the heel and lateral side, crazy cool! Also, I’m glad the flight web is attached on the eyelets and most likely at the base of the shoe, seems more durable and functional than flywire.

  9. Totally agree with you on the materials. It seems every Superfly produced has had less than desirable materials. I’ve only seen the Riverwalk cw in hand, but do you know if the other cw’s have same type of fuse material? Thanks for the great review.

  10. any plans on a review of the command force when they come out? And how great would it be if they release the air pressure pumps

  11. Hi Mr. Nightwing.

    I need a pair of balling shoes for school and team play. I only get 1 pair a year due to budget. I also play outdoors 2-3 times a week. On my Jordan Prime Fly the heel traction wore out after 8 months or so and my feet started hurting badly. DO you think that these can last 1 year without really losing too much traction or wearing away that much? was the white rubber on the bottom strong and was the pattern really thick? I need your help man. Please respond. Thank you.

    1. I don’t think any indoor models will really hold up that well outdoors. While the compound of the rubber makes a big difference, you have to look for the right traction pattern. I’ve tried a few models like the Kobe 8’s and CP3 7’s, and even gotten them in the XDR models (from Nike ID and also the Asia versions) and even though the rubber feels stronger, they still burn out within 2 months outdoors – playing 1-2 times a week.

      Outsoles with THICK grooves like these will last way longer:
      http://i.imgur.com/UTtBH3Z.jpg – Venomenon 4
      http://i.imgur.com/RAoXn6v.jpg – Air Raid

      I wouldn’t get the Venomenon’s though, they are uncomfortable as hell. Hate to say it but my recommendation is that you wear your old indoor pairs outdoors. I’ve tried looking for an indoor/outdoor shoe just like you and couldn’t really find a good balance.

      1. man, you gotta be pushing your shoes real hard, because i played in my kobe 8 xdr’s twice a week for about two or three hours each time, and they lasted me 5/6 months, though the upper started falling apart before the outsole was worn through….

        the cp3.vii i’m still using, i’ve been using them at least once a week to play 3 or 4 hours each time, the outsole shows very little wear….

        and i’m a 2 guard/3 who makes loads of hard cuts, crossovers, plays hard defense, etc.

  12. Sound review NW! I’ve been playing in my SF3s for two weeks now, and they play much better than I thought they would in first impression! I was bumming bout the lack of mesh and the different rubber compound on the tread, but I’m actually enjoying them more – albeit comparatively at this limited stage of play – than my SF2s or 28s.

    1. Don’t use either. When the outsole wears off in the forefoot,which it will do to the unlocked zoom unit, it will expose the air bag and it will pop.

  13. sounds very good except for the “more narrow in the front food”. The Superfly 2s fit me perfectly so I’m not sure these will be equally comfortable.

  14. a superfly silhouette that can also cater to positions 1 & …got me excited. Wait for these to be available here in Qatar. Thanks for the review nightwing, really helps us!

  15. a superfly silhouette that can also cater to positions 1 & 2! Got me excited. Wait for these to be available here in Qatar. Thanks for the review nightwing, really helps us!

  16. NW,

    could it be that the comfort in the heel area that you felt has more to do with less dense foam which gave them more compression as opposed to the SF2? I don’t think the foam material is any different between the SF2 and SF3 except that they are thinner and low to the ground, probably even flatter than an elevated heel section.

    the front section where the unlocked zooms are located however felt different as well. rather than your foot pressing high on the elevated zoom like on the SF2, the SF3 felt more natural where your body’s weight is sitting flat at the forefoot section. the SF2’s shifts the balance towards the heel section of the shoe which somehow felt awkward.

    as for the upper, I really love the SF2 PO’s over the SF3. same with the traction.

  17. Hi chris, great review as always. However, I had asked a product expert on Nike.com about the zoom unit and he said that the super.fly 3 only has the flight plate and not unlocked zoom. Your review says the sf3 has awesome cushioning, though, so I don’t know what’s the point of my comment. lol

    1. There is no such thing as a product expert at Nike unless they work at HQ. The person you talked to is basically their version of tech support where they have a book of answers to give you for your questions. Additionally, the Flight Plate is only used with Unlocked Zoom as that is what the Flight Plate was invented for, to activate and hold unlocked Zoom.

      1. You’re right. I just read the page describing the flight plate on Nike’s corporate site. Thanks for the clarification.

  18. hey nightwing im kinda confused because u said the zoom is more responsive than the xx8, but kickgenius said that the unlocked zoom felt like a normal zoom unit. is this because breaking time is required?

      1. Cushion section: “[The Super.Fly 3s] feel more stable than the original unlocked setup from the XX8, and more responsive as well.”

  19. why does nightwing say the cushion is better and its smoother than even the 28 and he reaves about how great it is when KickGenius says “SuperStiff3” and that it is so much firmer and less bouncy. These are two very different opinions all coming from guards. help me out on this one

  20. Hey nightwing lunarlon vs zoom vs bost
    (I belive you said you like Micro g the best so i did not include.)
    I love lunar so i have the Kobe 9 elites and for my school shoe am getting the hyperdunk

  21. Nightwing please make a review on the DRose 5. I’m weighting whether these Superfly 3 or the DRose 5 is the one that I’ll buy. Thanks peace! 🙂

  22. NW please reply. Could you tell me 3 things: 1. What shoes that come in royal blue would you recommend for someone that has the same tastes as you in cushion and upper material. 2. What does IMO, I get lost when ever someone starts talking about it. 3. When will you have a D Rose 5 Boost review? I would like to cop a pair but if it isn’t that great of a performer I’ll probably save the $140 towards the XX9.

  23. You gave these an 8 overall, the same as the LeBron 12. KickGenius really hated on these shoes. I wonder if there’s ever variation between shoes, like if they were to come from two different factories or something, that would explain why you guys didn’t score them alike.

    1. I’m going to be real with you. I would take ALL reviews with a grain of salt and if I were to even use a review to judge, I’d consider the opinions of someone whose game was closer to mine if anything. KG hated these but said that the basically cushionless Crazy Light Boost was good enough. Reviews can be so inconsistent that it’s laughable. Not to mention that once a person plays in a truly great shoe, their views can become skewed. Who knows but I know that I’m not a crazy slashing dunker. For me, these shoes feel amazing. I’m also heavier than both of those KG guys so maybe that makes a difference too. For them to complain about the cushion in these in a way but some of the other shoes that they test, they consider good or adequate is crazy.

        1. NW, that wasn’t at you bro. My apologies for not making that clear. That was more so directed at KG. No offense to them if they read this either but they are some inconsistent dudes sometimes. You on the other hand, I’ve never had to doubt in that way. Do we differ in opinion sometimes, of course but that’s what you make clear too. You make it known that it’s your opinion and that everyone is different. Hence, the reason that you don’t even answer questions about telling ppl what to buy. You put you unbiased, clear, and importantly to me, MATURE review out there for people to make a decision. I think that’s one thing that KG is desperately lacking at times…MATURITY.

          1. Thanks for the reply guys. Mad respect to NW for his site and all that he does. I was just curious more about KG than anything else. I appreciate the feedback.

          2. J Jones seems pretty mature, but Trey needs some growing up. But really these reviewers are basing the shoe upon their own experience and opinion. I respect them for that.

    2. It’s not just that KG and NW didn’t score the same shoe alike, they pretty much saw it as a heaven and hell type of situation in terms of cushion: KG made it out to be by far the worst aspect of the shoe, while NW says they are so comfortable he even wears them casually. I’m not saying they need to change their scoring, but especially seeing that they collaborate together as well, they SHOULD give us their own interpretation of why they had such a wildly differing experience. Is it JB being inconsistent with their products? Is it that the reviewers have such different body types? Is it because their game is different? Taking the issue head-on rather than avoiding an actual direct response to several people asking the same question seems like the way to go here. Not only that, but we as consumers of their web content can end up being more informed thanks to this, as far as how NW’s or KG’s reviews relate to our own body type / needs / game, and end up getting even more great value from their reviews. I think that just telling people “go to the store and try it out for yourself” (see one of the comments above) is kind of missing the point. First, you can try step-in comfort out in the store, not the actual experience of using that cushion on the court, you are testing the insole at the store much more so than the actual midsole cushioning. And second, if we could tell all that from going to the store (and if we all even had a store nearby), we wouldn’t all be coming to this site, so telling us to go to the store seems like shooting yourself in the foot a little bit if you own a site that wants more traffic.

      1. Trying them on in-store is actually a last resort when/ if this type of situation arises. The tech used in this shoe is the same that was used in the previous, as well as the XX8 & XX9. How many times do you want me to say how comfortable they are? That’s all it comes down to. The site gets plenty of traffic and is the most trusted source on the web for accurate performance information on basketball footwear. If there are opposing views on something, the last option is to go try them out for yourself. If you somehow think of that as a negative statement… well then you need to grow up a little bit and not take offense when there was none there to begin with.

        1. Nobody is questioning that you honestly believe these are some comfortable ass kicks, and your take on these or any other pair you tested is appreciated for sure. Only thing is that it’s kind of awkward that you seem reluctant to actually dive into any aspect of the obvious question everyone is asking – what might the reason be that one awesome reviewer sees the cushion as really great, while another just as awesome reviewer sees it as trash. There’s a few options that came to mind, probably a few more that didn’t, but yourself and Tre and Jay probably know best what the deal is. In my personal experience tackling things like this head on brings more good than bad in terms of building rapport with readers, hence the comment regarding site traffic. I have no doubt weartesters is doing real good, and I’m glad it is, but as they say never can get too much of a good thing. But hey, that’s just one guy’s view. I do think telling people to go and try something out is redundant at best, because if they could or would, they would have done so already rather than bugging people online about it. I didn’t make any comment about other people’s statements being positive or negative, so not sure what that’s all about. What I do know is I’m definitely not about to go around telling readers on my site to grow up because they went ahead and gave their opinion in a polite way and maybe offered some constructive criticism, because doing that would speak volumes more about where I’m at then where they’re at. Hell I wouldn’t even do it if they were straight up rude. But again, that’s just me. All the best n keep up the good work.

          1. You had implied that I need views, or that I’m trying to gain views, which is rude. If you don’t thing so then that’s cool. But aside from that, I do not know why they feel the way they do. All I can go off of is what I experienced. Saying to go try them on isn’t redundant at all, I don’t always have time to go do so, but if I’m considering the shoe that heavily then I will end up making that final call in-store while trying them on. I run into issues like that myself when one person says a shoe runs small/ big and then another says true to size. Am I going to sit there and over analyze what they’re saying when it’s based on their opinions and experiences or should I go try them on and see what is what myself. If that isn’t a option, then you’ll have to listen to one person or the other. There really is no other way around it. There are also the retailer review sections as well. People leave their thoughts on comfort there as well which is a plus when something like this happens. All I know, that is fact, is that Jordan Brand used a softer Phylon and fixed the Unlocked Zoom popping issue. So with those two factors in place, I found these to be much more comfortable from a cushion perspective. The upper sucks. I don’t like fuse, especially not this type, and that is what I explain in the reviews. Going over the same thing multiple times… that’s redundant lol.

        2. Btw I also got the SF 3s in this colorway (only it’s the xdr version), and I’m pretty much in agreement with your take on the cushion, I think it’s one of the best I’ve tried in the last couple of years. The thing is though somebody else might see that aspect or another aspect differently from their experience, so comparing and contrasting what we think will hopefully give everyone who hasn’t bought a pair yet an even better idea of what to expect and keep them coming back to shoot the shit with the rest of us…which was pretty much the main point of my initial post, putting everyone’s experiences into perspective, for mutual benefit. Peace.

          1. That’s what I was trying to get at in my last reply, actually. With the other reviews from retailers. It’s a good way to gauge what the rest of the public are thinking – as long as the people are being truthful. Anytime I see anyone wearing the SF3 I ask them how they like them… every person says they’re super comfortable.

        3. As far as fit is concerned, no substitute for trying them on, for sure. But then that’s how the internet’s gone and spoiled us, everyone wants their work done for them lol. As far as the views thing, it was just a segway to get to the real point, which was that comparing views (like say if you and jarron had a different take on a shoe, and we can see that because you guys are on the same site) could actually be really a good thing – as far as views or just getting more depth or whatever…and anyway, I thought everyone wanted more exposure regardless of how well they are doing, I know I do! But anyway I can see how talking about views might come off as blunt and stuff, my bad man. Hey just a btw question that I was wondering about with some of the shoes that have lackluster implementation of tech, like say zoom, do you think someone like James Harden would get really nice 90s style signature zoom in his Crusaders? And not just him, any signature athlete who needs solid cushioning but gets shafted by the brand on a particular model.

          1. No worries, I understand your view. As for the Harden thing… It’s very possible. Although he hasn’t been wearing the Hyperchase so something about those he doesn’t like too much.

  24. Has anyone experienced the zoom popping on these?

    I know the super fly 3s are out but these are on sale and have been for quite sometime.
    I’m just wondering if the forefoot zooms pop like the xx8’s do.

    I haven’t bought any performance oriented shoe from JB and I’m thinking of pulling the trigger this year by purchasing something last year since last year’s tech was “the big change.” Flight plate and all.

    I’ve narrowed down my choices xx8SE, CP3.VIIAE, Superfly 2PO.

    If you could just place your inputs in. I’m not asking which shoe is better. I’ve tried them all except the anything from JB.

    1. you should avoid the CP3.VII AE and the SF2 PO, in my opinion.
      the good thing about the original VII was how nice the materials felt on your foot….the AE replaces all the suede and leather with hard layers of fuse….not to mention the fact that the massive exposed flywire cables on the shoe are hideous….if that’s what you want, though, go for it…
      the SF2 PO is also stiffer than the original, if i remember correctly.

  25. Thanks for your hardwork, considering buying this, cp3 VIII or the Rose 5.0. Any eta on the performance review on the rose?

  26. NW just letting you know you are truly gifted in shoe reviews….every review is super on point and you cover all bases. Seeing your growth from Nightwing2303 to KicksonCourt to WearTesters is truly awesome and a testament to the quality of your work. Just really proud to see your progression even though I dont know you LOL.

    1. Well it would probably be the drose boost because the fact that it is boost and the superfly 3 heel is phylon to my knowledge. Super fly 3 does feel pretty comfortable but it hurts my feet when I stand for long periods of time on it. I stand on my heels a lot and b/c it doesn’t have zoom in the heel I feel that the drose would be better.

  27. Hello, Nightwing, how does this compare with the Court Vision? in terms of guard play? what would you recommend ? I dropped by our local nike store here yesterday to look for a Jordanfly 3, but then I saw this white court vision and it really looked neat, I ended up not buying one pair at all lol. Thank you, I would appreciate your advise =)

  28. hey this is the first time i buy some real basketball shoes and i wounder wich size i have to choose in nike. i have a pair of normal nike shoes. (not basketball) and they are size 45. shall i order a pair in the same size?

  29. Great review! Was waiting for these to discount before buying. I don’t have a need for major ventilation. To me, the shoe gets a solid 9 out of 10. I am saving up for the 29, but this shoe is one of the best of 2014. No popping of the Zoom, killer traction, and so far, is holding up great. Your review is on point. Thank you.

  30. My partner bought these for me as a gift, but they’re pretty narrow for me. Do they stretch and mold at all (say, nearly half a size), or do I need to find a tactful way to exchange them?

    1. I’ve a narrower foot than most. But, for me, it was instantly broke in. Some are reporting that this shoe is stiff…? Not at all, to me. It has the same traction pattern as the 28 and similar to the 29. They supposedly get great traction, but sasy these do not??? Traction was not a problem for me. As far as stretching or forming to feet. I might get a half size up. The shoe was a perfect lock on my end. Don’t worry about what your friend thinks. You need your shies to fit, not hurt.

  31. I rolled my ankle twice wearing these shoes while playing. Not a major sprain thou. I find the material so stiff and not flexible.

  32. I bought both shoes today. Your review makes a lot more sense once you have tried them on for yourself.

    I was going to get the SF3 in the black with the red jump man. Like the way these look. Clean.

    The XX9 I was getting was the black and light blue. I don’t mind the look. Conservative. A bit plain but still interesting.

    For me, the biggest difference in my brief walk around – was the XX9 gives you the feeling that you aren’t wearing shoes. It’s the perfect amount of cushioning. Not too much like the lebron X. Not to little. But they really do promote a little bounce to your step. Out of the >50 shoes I’ve had these are the best fitting ones I’ve had. The grip is awesome. These are better than any other shoe I own – HYPERDUNK 14-15, Huperfuse, Hyperrev, hyper quickness, lebron ix, x, XI, Jordan 1-29, and a lot of others (drose etc).

    I bought the SF3 as well. It’s feels very close – but the upper is not perfect like the Xx9. On the xx9 it’s seamless also inside (first shoe I’ve had that you feel nothing but glove like goodness. No stitching. No materials overlapping.).
    The SF3 is just that little bit tougher up top. Maybe even more durable – but not as comfortable as the XX9.

  33. Hey NW, I’m not sure if to buy the SF3 or LeBron 12. Im 5’6 and 120 pounds and I want my shoe to have good ventilation and really good cushion like the xx9 which I have. I would like a zoom to help me jump a little higher. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  34. Does the super fly 3 PO traction last the same amount of time as these and do the SF3 PO have better ventilation? Which do you prefer the KD7 or SF3 PO? Please reply.

  35. I have gone back and forth on these from being skeptical to loving them to recognizing that they have some shortcomings.

    The forefoot setup is the same as the XX9 and M11, what can be said about it that hasn’t already been said about cheesecake and oral sex? Just awesome.

    The heel in some ways is better than its two thicker counterparts. If you are a guard you will love the low profile and responsiveness. But bigger players and heel strikers may not love it as much. It’s fine for kicking around or light play, but if I play all day in them it becomes much more noticeable. That was not the case with its pricier JB counterparts.

    Similarly the upper doesn’t have as much structure or support as the Melo M11. In some ways I appreciate the additional flexibility and more custom fit, but I also find that I experience some pain near my Achilles tendon after playing in them a lot. Right now I am also wearing the M11 and Under Armour Juke 2, neither of which create this issue.

    Overall I would say these are a great option for a lighter player but just decent for a big man.

  36. After 6 pairs of XX8 SEs I bought a pair of the Super.Fly 3s to rotate with my M11s……and I’ve really tried to like them, but I just can’t. Traction is fine, and I’ve got nothing bad to say about the cushioning set up (unlocked Zoom is my current favourite), in fact, I prefer the more bouncy feel of the Super.Fly 3s to the more traditional feel of the M11…..but (and this is a huge ‘but’) I hate everything else about this shoe. Lacing system is weak, materials are ridiculously hard & stiff, lace pressure is awful (there’s even a seam on the tongue that digs in) and the forefoot has the sloppiest fit I can remember. Compare that to the upper on my M11s (snug fit with no pressure points) and it’s like wearing a basketball shoe made by a company that specializes in ski boots. I’m definitely saving these for shoot-arounds only (or maybe a bonfire to throw them in lol). On the lookout for some XX8 SEs…..still the best shoe I’ve worn.

  37. I have played in these (black/team red/gold colorway) quite a bit lately. My initial impression of the upper has improved with break-in, now I actually appreciate the firmness in most parts of the foot (midfoot, toe area) and find the fit to be solid, even somewhat customized. The area that is lacking is heel and ankle support. I hate hard heel counters but one with a little more firmness would go a long way. The area around the ankle really doesn’t offer much support at all and I would not recommend them for people with previous ankle issues. That said, one area where they have exceeded expectations is traction outdoors. Now only do they provide incredible traction (IMO better than the XX8 outdoors, almost as good indoors), the rubber has been pretty durable. You can see it’s thick right out of the box, but the grooves have barely worn down at all playing 10-12 hours a week outdoors. I have seen these as low as $40, and often around $60. Great value shoe IMHO.

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