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Jordan Super.Fly 3 – First Look

The Jordan Super.Fly line has been a huge success, especially with the integration of the FlightPlate and unlocked Zoom from last year’s model. Just like the Air Jordan XX9, the Jordan Super.Fly 3 will continue with the FlightPlate and unlocked Zoom setup. Jordan Brand also decided to rotate the Zoom bag, making it look like the Air Jordan XX8 Zoom bag. This model draws obvious design clues from big brother Air Jordan XX9. Notice the outsole pattern and mesh-looking upper. Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for upcoming news on the Jordan Super.Fly 3. I’m sure this will be another solid performer on court.


Full lateral view:



  1. Hmm, very interesting to see that Jordan brand have chosen to place the forefoot zoom air bag in the same direction/orientation as in the XX8s. I think both Nightwing and other members here that own both shoes said that they liked the placement of the forefoot Zoom Air bag better in the Super.fly 2s (so that it can flex with the shoe), yet Jordan brand seem to disagree with that and are placing it the same way as the XX8s.

    That’s very interesting. What’s your take on this, Nightwing?

    1. Agree on your opinion, superfly 2 was responsive as hell, but I didn’t get it due to the toebox issues. So wonder what it will be like.

    2. I loved super.fly 2 i’ve 2 pair, and i think that the forefoot zoom air bag change positono because usally in super.fly two get broken. in my case i broke it after 2 month of hard playng. I’m a PF of 105kg. probably the different position is more resistence…

    1. Uh dynamic fit system cough*(again) and fuse is in place on the heel and toe box doesn’t look that breathable don’t know what foam setup and flight plate like I’ve never seen modified as heck and this is all I got just by look at the shoe

      1. The dynamic fit on these is better than the 2. This is the same dynamic fit as the flight time 14.5. It is a complete secure lockdown system that is better than flywire.

  2. My friend had the xx8 and one side popped on his shoes, my super fly2 popped on one side too.

    Otherwise the superfly 2 were a really well cushioned, supportive shoe without being heavy.

  3. I loved the superfly 2s but personally for me I got better response from the zoom setup on the 28s than the SF 2s even though they make more sense like stated. That being said I still loved them a great shoe and can’t wait to pick up this years new model.

      1. People said that they way it was in the Super.fly 2 gives better flex than how it was placed in the XX8. You comment doesn’t make sense.

        On average, I wonder which shoe between the Super.fly 2 and XX8s has more popped zoom air bags in the forefoot. From what I’ve read, I’d guess they Super.fly 2s had less issues with the zoom air bags popping, so it’s weird that they’d put it in the same direction as the XX8s.

        Nightwing, are you sure that you can’t tell us what Nike said about the zoom air bags popping?

  4. the mesh upper kinda reminds me of the kobe 7, hope its nothing like that….. i hope no zoombag pops *crossed fingers*

  5. Am I the only person who thinks this shoes look a lot like Crazylight Boost? socklining and material kinda mimics the boost…

    1. was just about to post a comment and say the same exact thing..

      looks just like the crazylight boost. ugly as F

  6. The traction pattern and the Zoom rotation took a step back. I might miss these altogether with my Fly IIs holding up and the XX9 releasing.

  7. it kinda looks the same as the last version. i hope they change the foam that they use and made the zoom bag a little bigger so its more responsive. traction is a downgrade from the last model in my opinion from just looking at it.

  8. outsole looks cool but certainly not a fan of the all plastic upper. definitely looks like a continuation of the Wade line which flopped. the tech might sell them tho

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