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Jordan Shine – Detailed Look

On July 26th, Jordan Brand will dip their toes into the high-end fashion world with the Jordan Shine.

I’m definitely not a high-end kind of guy… more of the GR Retro type. However, for those that are fans of the brand and wanted to get their grown man steez on then maybe these are for you.

Get your detailed look at the Jordan Shine below and if you got $400 to blow then by all means… get your grown man on.

Jordan Shine - Detailed Look 1 Jordan Shine - Detailed Look 2 Jordan Shine - Detailed Look 3 Jordan Shine - Detailed Look 4

  1. Like them, and would wear them in a heart beat… but not at that price. Hope it bombs so can get it for a steal… however, with the shoe game getting every release sold out, doubt it will be the case.

  2. these are a no brainer…pass. Not even at 400 bucks…not even at 200…maybe 89.99 on the sales rack? Not hate just pure economics. These are ugly at any price

  3. There is not objective way to see those as $400 shoes. Not for me. Y’all can keep the hype beast special.

  4. it looks like an aj1 outsole, vans midsole, and a leather Jordan future upper, sounds like the worst combo. wtf jb, just release some dornbecher 11s already

  5. There are better looking high-end shoes that are more worth the money that cost less than 400 bucks. Jordan is tripping with that price

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