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Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick 2017 Retro | Detailed Look and Review

The Jumpman Pro Quick has made its long awaited return in Retro form, but are they anything like the originals?

If you were interested in grabbing any of the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick Retro releases this year then you’ll likely be interested in a detailed look and review first.

The shoe is nice overall if you’re just interested in a wearable replica of the real deal. If you were expecting to play in the shoe then you might be disappointed.

Let us know if you grabbed a pair of the Retro Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick or if you plan on grabbing a pair and stay tuned for detailed looks on more colorways.

  1. According to the Eastbay catalogue.. I am curious on why the OG of these are $100 while Team Jordan 1 is $110. These have heel and forefoot Air and full grain leather while the team Jordan only has forefoot Air and synthetic leather.

    Maybe “one of the reason” Jordan skimps out on tech is that they know it’s not going to sell at retail of $140 and knows that it’s going to end up on the outlet prices.. Therefore why not just go back to the $100-$110 OG price and give us OG tech lol. BTW I love the blue/black/white CW on the last 2 Team Jordan releases.

  2. Hi nightwing !

    You’re not dumbass… Those who will buy it not represented blind(Although nowaday the pro quick’s price is very blind ) such means we buy a memory and memory is irreplaceable.
    Agreed that Kobe sit on the bench, and Jones is pro player on the court. You may konw what I talking about >0<

  3. do they base their decisions off a roll of the dice? like there’s no pattern anymore. it’s a random mix of whether they’d do good on looks, tech, and materials or not.

    1. I think it is more of a social experiment. like popular players’ shoes should have high demand regardless how subpar the tech is or ugly the shoe is, it would still sell because it has a name behind it. lesser known shoes seem to be given more tech to attract people to buy the shoe to want them. to be honest, it is more of a vanity versus practicality kind of thing that seems to be happening now. I believe this is also the reason why Nike and Jordan brand is struggling when they followed this kind of business mindset.

  4. @Tom, the Team Jordan 1s had Zoom heel/forefoot; these never had Zoom, only Air. Jumpman Pro Strong, which debuted shortly after these, featured Zoom.
    NW when you say you may not ball in these because they skimped the tech, there’s no Air?

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