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Jordan Fly Wade 2 Performance Review

The Jordan Fly Wade 2, for me personally, is the performance shoe of the year. For most of the categories involved within its performance features, I feel it performed above average in key areas.


Traction – Very good traction despite the the use of story telling aspect. As I stated in the Fly Wade 2 Performance Teaser Pt. 2; if the smaller traction design had been used throughout the shoe rather than a mixture of large and small design. It would have also been nice to see the traction cover all of the shoe including the outrigger and up and around the forefoot’s instep but that’s just me being picky.


Cushion – I really love foam based cushions, its not always about a gimmick. There are plenty of options available that utilize foam based cushions and I feel they are much easier on your joints. As for the Lunarlon, I loved it! From what I understand, Lunarlon is a mixture comprised of Phylon and Lunar Foam which gives you impact protection and cushion while being able to withstand the rigors of impact that it received while on-court. I haven’t noticed any bottoming out but only time will tell, if I notice the cushion starting to loose its resiliency I will be sure to update you.


Materials & Fit – With the Fuse base uppers, the shoe is durable and retains its shape well. There is a slight snug feeling around the base of the midfoot just before the toe, this is something I prefer personally since I do have a narrow foot. There was no dead space or bunching at the toe which, for me, is hard to find nowadays. Bottom line… the shoe can take a beating and still provide the wearer with everything they need while on the court.


Ventilation – I loved the ventilation. Much better than previous models which used Fuse uppers. There was plenty of perforations throughout the upper, the tongue was light and airy and when all was said and done, I’d take off the shoes at the end of the night and the entire midfoot section of my socks were noticeably more dry than the toe and heel areas. There was still moisture but there was far less of it than what I usually have… great ventilation in the Fly Wade 2.


Support – The support was a nice surprise with the extended shank plate. Allowed full range of motion on the medial side and a bit more rigidity on the lateral side to help prevent roll overs and injuries caused by roll overs.


Overall – Great performance shoe! Could still use a few tweaks here and there but for what we are given, its a beast on-court.

Pros – Great fit and ventilation. Wide footers may want to try them on to be sure sizing is antiquate. Lunarlon is a great lightweight cushion source. Uppers are as durable as they come.

Cons – $145 is a bit steep for a non ‘Air Jordan’ but it was worth its price overall. Traction could undergo slight modification if they’re persistent on using story telling traction.

Traction – 8.5/10

Cushion – 9.5/10

Material – 9/10

Fit – 9/10 (may not fit everyone perfectly)

Ventilation – 8.5/10

Support – 9/10

Overall – 8.9/10

  1. Hello nightwing2303,

    Nice review. Fly wade 2 is a must cop for me now.
    BTW, when the video clip is gonig to be available?

  2. Great review on the Fly Wade 2! How would you compare the lunarlon foam to UA’s micro g foam. I really like the feel of the micro g? and like yourself I am finding myself preferring foam based cushioning as I was all about zoom air but that started to change when I used micro g.

    1. Thanks! I enjoy both foams but lunarlon is a bit more cushy so to speak. Micro G is slightly more firm. Both have been very resilient on court.

  3. I love lunarlon and MicroG. They both are soft but at the same time responsive. Were the Fly Wade 2 able to knockoff the Kobe 4?

    1. Agreed! If the Wade had the traction that the ZKIV had then yes but i still favor the ZKIV as my fav of all time right now.

  4. Like The shoes, love the review, just hate all of their colorways lol. 1st time I ever wanted to wait for a shoe to drop on NIKEid to play ball in… Black n red is the most abused color combo. The color red overall is my least liked color and the soon to be release black/white colorway does nothing for me. I know I’m being picky, but If im balling in a shoe for a year or more i atleast wanna play in a colorway I like to see. If these don’t drop on NIKEid by Feb and the Kobe VIIs don’t compare in performance, I’ll just settle for the Q Flights and save some money.

    Bah Humbug!

    1. I think there is supposed to be a white/ french blue- flint grey colorway that i remember seeing on a catalog sheet… If they drop id prob grab them. NikeiD should be a no brainer with these though in my opinion.

  5. Hi! How would you rank the following shoes (from greatest to worst)?
    Adizero Rose 2
    Kobe VI
    Jordan Q Flight
    Jordan Fly Wade 2

    1. I felt transition was great and the exaggerated outrigger provided plenty of stability esp on quick stops and direction changes.

  6. Loved your review, went out to get these and they are amongst my favorite shoes. Everything you want in a shoe was accomplished. It took a while to get the traction going, it was all good after the second game.

  7. Did the lunarlon foam need to be broken in before you could feel the springiness or cushion feel its supposed to have if so how long did it take? The reason I ask is that I tried on a pair of Nike Lunar Hypergamers and they felt very firm and stiff underfoot no matter how much I jumped in them. Did it feel like that at first with the Fly Wade 2?

    1. No, when i tried them on they felt bouncy. It could be due to the thicker midsole on the Hypergamer, just an assumption though as i havent tried them on before.

  8. Damn man you respond fast. I’m not complaining I think it’s one of the reasons that I and many others follow you along with your detailed reviews. But yeah the midsole is pretty high on the hypergamer and that is probably why it felt stiff but I was hoping to feel that bounce in them like in there running shoes and as you described with FW2 as there were only $50 at finishline.

    1. Haha, i try to respond as soon as possible. Im sure once you start playing in them the lunarlon will soften up, a least a little. Transition may be effected bc of the midsole height though… At least if youre a guard. For $50 its worth a shot IMO.

  9. Great review, as always! Too bad my feet didn’t like these shoes. The heel cups totally destroyed my heels only by walking a little at the house. Had to pass on them 🙁 Hope that others have more luck with them.
    BTW, you got em’ Kobe’s VII already? 😀 Really looking forward to that review.

    1. Thanks! These def have a fit that wont work for everyone, as with most shoes… LeBron 9s were fairly good just not for personally so hopefully im able to get that across in these reviews.

  10. Yo nightwing! Couple questions for ya:

    1. When are you gonna review the ZKVII? And are you going to get both “systems” when you do?


    1. Hey bro, i will be getting the VIIs with both systems.

      As for the site, it has merged with SneakerFiles in order to provide more content relating to basketball products and reviews. Im still doing everything the same as before just the layout has changed.

  11. great review! why is the forefoot of the shoe “arched”? if you put the shoe on a flat surface and look toward the forefoot of the shoe (the part where forefoot zoom air would be placed) from the FRONT, there is a huge gap due to arch that it has. so the “forefoot part” of the sole (not the front/toe part) doesn’t even touch the ground. asked this question before and you thought i was talking about how front part of shoe is curled upward.

    1. It still sounds like your referring to the forefoot being curled upward lol. I call it the elf effect… The hyperdunk 2011s had the same thing but it worked much better in these since theyre much lower to the ground.

      I dont know the exact reason why they do that but i think its for an easier heel to toe transition. Again, it didnt bother me in these compared to the hyperdunk due to the thickness of the midsole.

          1. But that’s what Nike promotes with that whole curl toe, I could of gained 1/8 in on my vertical without knowing!

            1. Haha! If thats the case then i should be gaining some sort of increase… Unless its true that white men cant jump.

  12. tried them on today: only disadvantage and a killer imo is that these are too narrow in the forefoot area. very sad becuz otherwise they felt very good when wearing. they are also rather close to the ground which gives alot of mobility. iam very disappointed that they are so narrow though :f

    1. They do run narrow in the forefoot. Thats something i personally like since i constantly have issues with forefoot fit but it wont be good for everyone.

  13. Great review nightwing! i was think about getting these or the jordan Q flights. im quick guard but im not sure if the q flight have good ankle support because of the outrigger that has raised traction. Which one do you think has better ankle support?

    1. Thanks! In my personal opinion, ankle support is a myth… You can only restrict the ankle not support it, the ankle is the support and mobility system between your foot and the tibia.

      I loved both shoes a lot, felt the Wades were a bit better but may not be for everyone. Q Flights are a fantastic shoe overall and would suit quicker players very well.

  14. would these suit a face up mid range SF? i have a heel-first step. would the lebron 9 be better? will you review the big ups?

    1. They wouldnt be bad, heel traction is greater in the wade vs lebron. I will se about the big ups, those would be a good option as well with full length herringbone.

      1. yeah honeslty i did not like the looks of the big ups until i saw gerald wallace wearing them. they dont look good on shelves, they look good on feet. i’m waiting on them too if they go cheap by april.

      1. I think,the only difference between the rose 2.0 and rose 2.5 were the traction and the strap (bunjee) that locks the ankle to the shoe. So in cushioning,which is better the fly wade 2 or the drose2.0? I have no problem with drose2 only the durability but performance wise, i love it.actually this is my 2nd fave shoe next to the eqt elevation of adidas. just trying to look for a better option and heel cushioning wise.

          1. Really depends on what you are looking for in a shoe. The Hyperdunk has the least amount of forefoot flexibility so if thats something you need id choose between the other two. A Flight has better traction than the Wade while the Wade has greater durability.

        1. Cushion is def better in the Wade 2 vs the Rose 2. I really enjoyed both shoes quite a bit but overall durability and cushion goes to the Wade in my opinion.

    1. Heard he had a foot injury so maybe they fit too tight. He rolled his ankle pretty good in the Wade 1 so now he wont be wearing either for a bit.

  15. tried the “home” cw and bought them today. they look good in person and on feet. feels good too. every step i feel like floating. not tried them on court yet. you think these will hold outdoors?

      1. sweet! just have to hold off playing them outside though the white’s so clean. alpha 1 and KD4 for outdoors, fly wade 2 for indoors for now.

  16. is this shoe perfect for a guard like a AI/CP3 kinda type of player i currently have the q flights
    and bout to get a new shoe and i want these but i want to make sure its the right shoe so would u recommend and if not can u tell me some shoes u would thankz man

  17. Thank you so much! Would you recommend the KD III or the Fly Wade 2 for my style of play? I am a point forward (more time at point though). I play aggressively, slashing, sharp cuts, etc…
    Thank you so much!
    Hope that ankle gets better too!

  18. I found a pair of Kobe 4’s and I am having a hard time deciding between them and the fly wade 2’s. I am a 2-3 and shoot and step back. I drive here and there but prefer to shoot. I am a freshman in High school and I am 5′ 11″. I also really like a shoe to have good grip and be light but also responsive. Do you have a recommendation between the two, I am also open to any other shoe?
    Keep up the great reviews and thanks for the help,

    1. The kobe will be your best friend on court. I love the kobe 4 a lot. If you dont mind the forefoot cushion bottoming out eventually then id go w those.

  19. I just bought these shoes a week ago, and they gave me the meanest blisters on both my little/pinky toes….which is a real shame because they do seem to be great performance shoes…I dont know if I should see if breaking them in will do any better as I have 30 days to return them, but I’m thinking I may try to go half a size up. But the toe area is a true disappointment as it feels like a steel toe boot. Did you notice that getting better after a few wears?…or is that something I should expect with this shoe?

    And if this is something I should expect whats another pair of shoes for a g/sf, where i care for cushioning, traction, and responsiveness? I used to wear the Kobe V’s and they were my favorite to ball in.

    1. I dont remember getting blisters from the wades so if could be a size issue but i do remember they took a few games to break in fully.

  20. Interesting, Black Lotus reviewed the Fly Wade 2 and Lunar Hypergamer and they say the Hypergamer is slightly better in all aspects, especially the traction and ankel support.

    1. I havent tried the Hypergamer so i cant really say. If the mesh is being blocked as Fuse models tend to do then i would say its hard to confirm it since the Wade had above average ventilation.

  21. hello nightwing 2303 i want to ask about the cushioning of the fly wade 2 does it like loose or like get very bad after a short time of playing a very long time and physical game like the hyperdunks 2009

    1. I havent noticed any bottoming out in lunarlon so far. Granted, i havent played in them in a while since ive been having to test other shoes but during the time ive worn them they were fine.

  22. if anyone is experiencing problems with the high arch of the shoe, you can buy a thin heel only cushion to raise your heel a bit higher so you wont feel the arch. going with a thicker heel cushion will make the dog bone heel notches feel awkward so test them in store when looking for one. you can also cut out old foam insoles to to suit the shape of the base of the arch and heel. just my thoughts. great shoe exept for the arch.

  23. Hey Nightwing, after your great review I bought the Wades 2s. Overall I like them a lot. BUT: The plastic eyelets are killing me! They really hurt my ankles.
    Does that get better after breaking them in? Any suggestions? I guess, breaking the plastic isn’t a real option. Does anyone play in them without lacing them up to the last pair of eylets?

    1. I havent had an issue with it but if youve already tried high cut socks with no ease you may want to pick up a couple of level 1 mcdavid ankle braces made out of neoprene. Those are what i use when i have hot spots or pinching along the ankle area.

  24. Hey man, I’d just like to start by saying that your reviews are great. Keep doing your thing! So I’ve heard that Lunarlon cushioning in basketball sneakers does not last very long in terms of it’s durability. Is this true? How has the Lunarlon held up in the sneakers that you might use a lot such as the Fly Wade 2s?

    1. Thanks, appreciate it!

      I have only heard of durability issues with the Lunar foam but nothing on lunarlon. Honestly, once im done with a shoe i have to move on to the next so i havent worn the Wades since i finished them.

  25. Hi NW,
    Awesome review.
    Looks like a great shoe.

    How would you rank their scores compared to the “Play in These”?

  26. First I’ll like to say that your performance reviews are great. I recently purchased a pair of Fly Wade 2 off NDC I love the shoes (Lunarlon is very comfortable and fit is great) but I problem I have with them is that the cushion/padding for the ankle don’t align correctly on my ankles and rub my skin raw. I have only played one time with them so I’m not sure if it’s just a breaking in process or what any suggestions? What are your thoughts on the Hyperenforcers I play on iDing a pair.

    1. Thanks! I havent had those issues with the wades so maybe wearing diff socks will help, i wore nike elite socks with mine. Ill update on the hyperenforcers soon.

  27. I know you said the fly wade 2’s run narrow. Is the narrow fit similar to the kobe v’s and how does the lunarlon foam in the fly wade 2’s compare to the lunar foam in the kobe iv as far as feel goes? Thanks!

    1. The fit is similar. If you liked the fit of the kobe V then these will be fine as well. Lunar foam isnt as soft from the star as lunarlon is and it isnt as resilient.

  28. hey nightwing i love your reviews i watch them all. I bought a pair of fly wade 2’s in the all-star colour way and these are performance beasts you really know ur performance shoes and i applaud you on that

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