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Jordan Flight Time 14.5

A new performance model is on the horizon from Jordan Brand and this one looks like a it’ll be a performance beast.

Cushlon heel, forefoot Zoom Air, Flight Web lockdown system all sound awesome, and the only thing that we can’t see that I wish we could is the traction. I’m loving the collar padding while the tongue reminds me a bit of Kobe’s logo… they should consider placing a Jumpman there to avoid confusion.

Take a look at the pic below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Jordan Flight Time 14.5


        1. I think he ment 29 halves.just guessing but would make more sense as 14.5 x 2 = 29. I also don’t think there is unlocked zoom I think there May be zoom like the stuff that was on the m9s be cause it would be sort of half of unlocked big zoom bag slightly protruding out of outsole but no flight plate. That was total guessing I have no idea just an idea of what it might be if it were in fact 14.5 based on the xx9 and not the aj14.

  1. Shoeman – 14.5 is like an updated – remix version of the Shoe of the JORDAN 14.

    And I agree, the palet on the tongue needs to change incase something thinks its a fuse between JORDAN/KOBE.
    This might not be the end design also. They might use the FERRARI type JORDAN symbol used on the JORDAN XIV’s and place that on the toungue also.

      1. It is actually a mix of the jordan 14 and 15 or at least that is what some sneaker sites are saying. So yeah it’s basically a remix of both the 14s and the 15s with performance upgrades. I see it and think a take down of the xx9 but that’s not necessarily correct or incorrect as JB hasn’t said any thing about it

  2. It is just zoom air in the front or is it unlocked? Dont know if we specifically say unlocked zoom or just zoom

    1. From what i can see it looks like there might be a flight plate but I really can’t tell. They probably would’ve labeled either the flight plate or the unlocked zoom as well so I would guess that it’s just a regular zoom unit.

  3. Looks like all the best parts of the XX9 minus the flightweave, $225 pricetag, and zoom heel. This might also be a better alternative for me because I like a foam heel with unlocked zoom.

  4. Yeah I was thinking the same thing they reminded me of the kobe 1s for some reason lol don’t know why lol because the only thing that is sort of similar is the heel lol. #nightwingknows

  5. Look at previous models – The jordan 2.5, 9.5 or 13.5

    it’s just a Version 2 of the shoe with possible beta design aesthetics of the shoe.

    THE whole front of the shoe is the design of the Jordan 14.

  6. Cushlon should be in the forefoot and Zoom in the heel just because heel needs more impact protection, in my opinion. Cushlon is softer than Phylon, so I think it wouldn’t give as much protection as needed in the heel. Much like Lunarlon in forefoot and Zoom in the heel in the Super.Fly 1. Just my opinion. Zoom works either way in the front or back of the shoe.

    1. It’s good the way it is, the SF2 was pretty awkward until the lunar broke in and Cushlon doesn’t break in or down like lunar does. The Cushlon is not “soft” but has more rebound and bounce, better for impact protection and smooth transition. Forefoot zoom for low profile targeted cushion with spring-like responsiveness for faster toe offs. Everything is right where it needs to be.

      1. I see. I had a misconception about Cushlon then. 🙂

        BTW, maybe you meant SF1 because there’s no Lunar foam in the SF2, is there?

        Thanks, Nightwing 🙂

  7. Btw, the traction on the forefoot looks exactly like the air jordan 14 while the heel has a sort of strange pattern.

  8. this shoe looks hilarious. that thick chunky heel w/ a low profile forefoot. makes for a very awkward looking shoe. hopefully it wont feel like your heel is way off the ground. that support wing scares the hell out of me. that looks like it’ll be very uncomfortable, possibly painful. this shoe is an assault on the eyes. it looks like 3 distinctly different shoes crammed into one! what an insult to design

  9. On footlocker it says lunarlon in the heel so I’m a bit confused but I need to know whether to pick these or cp3.viii for my basketball season

    1. These are a indoor shoe for the most part. It’s a nice shoe I’m still debating the Melo m11 Jordan 14.5 or waiting for the sf3 po rumored softer upper. To me and a lot of guys I work and play ball with w the current price on these at half of the kd shoe, these featuring simkljar tech we compared them trying to not tale on 50% less, keeping that in mind of 6 testers 4 14.5 as the superior shoe 2 for the kd7, adding in price point at 25% not 50% as it is. These are performance gold, 70$.

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