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The Jordan CP3.X AE Lands at Overseas Retailers

Overseas retailers have released the Jordan CP3.X AE way ahead of the Stateside release.

Japanese retailer, Gallery 2, is the first retailer to launch the upcoming Jordan CP3.X AE.

The shoe looks quite a bit different than the proposed leaked image — seen here. Well, the midsole looks quite a bit different. The upper and outsole are the same. With the AE rendition of the shoe the TPU sidewall has been removed which was a negative aesthetic detail for most. Materials remain the same with a performance woven material while the outsole/traction are identical to the regular release. Cushion is up for debate as the design of the midsole has changed, but if I was a betting man — which I’m not — then I’d assume the cushion hasn’t changed at all either.

The Jordan CP3.X AE is available now in Japan but stay tuned for updates regarding the U.S. release.



  1. I like the material, and I believe the over the tongue seatbelts are gone(which should help for my wide feet), they’re very underdone though, could’ve used a little more visual flair.

  2. So genric (bland) – for an artisan edition I would have expected something nicer. The new PG is better looking than this

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