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Could This Be the Jordan CP3.VIII?

New images have surfaced of what is rumored to be the Jordan CP3.VIII. The Chris Paul branding is evident on the tongue and outrigger of the Clipper star’s rumored 8th signature shoe. The sneaker itself looks to be lower than previous CP models. The upper appears to be made out of a Hyperfuse material, while the inside of the shoe once again utilizes a bootie for a sock like fit. What’s interesting is the midsole looks to shift effortlessly into the TPU heel cup.

Aesthetically, this shoe looks somewhat plain so these images may be of a sample. With that said, let us know what you think of the sneaker in the comments below. How do these compare to the Jordan CP3.VII and CP3.VII AE?

Could This Be the Jordan CP3.VIII Could This Be the Jordan CP3.VIII 2


  1. Seems to have another pod-based cushioning system, but the heel cushioning looks interesting. Anyone else notice a bulge or bump in the heel? Possibly a zoom unit?

  2. i think they look good
    and whatever cushion they run with (hopefully podulon or podulite or whatever they want to call it this time around), i’m good, the CP3 line never disappoints….i’m still playing in the VIs at least twice a week, the Vs get burn every now and then, and the VIIs get plenty of run too…

    1. Which version of the CP line has the most durable outsole? I’ve thought about trying a pair from the VIs onwards, but I’ve read their outsoles are geared for indoor play.

      1. definatly indoor usage only,
        I burn through most outsoles pretty fast,
        I would say the cp3.VII is as durable as the Kobe 8 tractionpattern, maybe a little bit better.
        With outdoor play I wrecked the Kobe 8s in about 100 hours of play.
        After about a 100 hours with indoor use only the tractionpattern of the CP3.VII is still there, in most parts of the outsole.

  3. what is with the traction patterns on the coming line of jordan brand performance shoes, though? have they discovered something?

  4. These might be as low as the KD 6; look at how minimal the upper is in the toebox area compared to the midsole.

  5. I got vii as they were higher than previous models, this one looks way to low for me, so def no if that is the case

  6. Cool I would buy them plus the forefoot traction pattern looks like another shoe I’ve seen(i will not say what other shoe) hopefully they will be great on court and I betting anything that is zoom(not literally)

  7. Lowcuts, nice.

    I hope it has heel and forefoot zoom this time, the traction looks good, fit is likely good, and all the CP3s have been $125, so this is great!

  8. It looks like this could have a flight plate based on the similarities is has with the XX9 and blake’s shoe. i just brain farted and forgot the name.

  9. An explanation on why the midsole shifts to the heel cup so effortlessly is that similar to the XX9 what we see is a TPU “cage” around the midsole.

  10. The heel could be Lunarlon just like the recent 14.5. In fact, this shoe looks like a juiced-up 14.5.

  11. If these are indeed the newest model I must say I’m disappointed. I loved the styling of the VII’s. The natural material usage was great. Its a shame these look so cheap and synthetic. I guess the only good thing is that the VII’s are still widely available and now they’re fairly cheap.

  12. Hey nightwing… i have a lil confuse between cp3 viii ae and SF3 PO.. please help me with it. I play sg/sf(aged) with history of sprained ankles. I really listen and sometimes i take it as an advise on your videos. Dunno what to choose of this two. I have 2 SF3 and i have no complaints. Is cp3 viii ae way far from sf3 po in traction,cushioning and lockdown? Thank you. Your biggest fan here. Peace.

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