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Jordan CP3.VIII ‘Wolf Grey’

A new colorway of the Jordan CP3.VIII has been spotted, and they seem to take on the popular Wolf Grey theme.

This version still features the stiff Fuse upper and woven textile side panels, they’re just done up in grey and black. Looks like they’ve already landed at overseas retailers so maybe we can expect to see them Stateside soon enough.

Anyone anticipating the CP3.VIII or are you more curious as to what the AE version has in store?

Jordan CP3.VIII 'Wolf Grey'


  1. I’m between these, d rose 5 and clutch fit drive. I’m just waiting for the performance review on the first 2…..this could get interesting. Keep it up nightwing

  2. Definitely waiting on the AE. The CP3.VII’s raw materials spoiled any shoe with “fuse” type materials for me.

  3. Hey guys, I have recently ordered my new XX8 SE, and I’m a type of guy who gets 1 pair a season, but don’t grind like crazy( mostly 3&D). Will they last at least 1 season(will the bag pop)? Because I know a lot of people who played in SEs for 1 season with no problem
    Or should I get these instead?

    1. If you’d followed the other threads about this shoe and the commentaries under it you’d knew that a) no one can give you an answer to your question and b) you have 2 years Nike warranty. But if it is your only shoe for the season then you might consider other kicks since what do you do when they would pop?

      There are plenty of good alternatives. Just check all the performance reviews of NW.

      1. Where I live right now there is no official Nike store(even online one), that’s why I ordered xx8 from the USA. I double checked all performance reviews and liked se, plus I wanted to try smth new.
        I hope my zoom bag won’t pop or I’ll have to play in my old shoes, that’s it.
        PS. That’s why I prefer foam.

        1. Unlocked Zoom is awesome man. I am lucky that I could buy 2 Super.Fly 2 here in Germany so if I face the popping issues I could easily return them to the store and get a new one or money back. xx8 se are still very expensive here in Germany, so I didn’t go for that. I wish you good luck my man

    2. Should’ve gone with the melo m10s if durability’s a concern for you. Those would last you longer than the xx8 se.

      1. I read that some M10s popped after a few games. If you are one of those ppl who get 1 shoe per school year, avoid Unlocked Zoom all together because you will never know when they will pop.

          1. Got ya, bro:) I wanted to try smth new, because I already played in Hyperdunks. Wanted to go with Super.Fly 2 but local store(in Russia) didn’t have my size. And I had to order SEs from the USA.
            Hope mine won’t pop

          2. You know I also wanted to order the xx8 from the US but the danger of the bags popping on held me back. But you ordered already so I wouldn’t think about it anymore. Many people didnt had any issues (like Nightwing himself). Just maybe have some good ol Hyperdunks as a reserve 🙂

      1. The shoes are kinda stiff. NW mentions that in his performance review. If I were you I would go for the Super.Fly 2. Better shoe for a better price.

        1. Oh ok I thought it was something serious. I actually love the stiff upper (pause) I am a slasher need something supportive.

            1. The upper isn’t garbage, its just stiff. Everything is someone’s personal preference. More support usually does mean more restrictiveness/ less mobility. I do my best to educate here on the site, don’t dumb things down to them ‘garbage’ when that isn’t even close to the truth.

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