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Jordan CP3.VIII – Available Now on NIKEiD

The Jordan CP3.VIII has landed on NIKEiD. You can create your own pair with quite a few different options, one of which includes reflective mesh panels. Color choices are minimal at this time, but I’m sure more options will come sooner or later. If you were interested, head over to NIKEiD to create your own. Jordan CP3.VIII - Available Now on NIKEiD  1 Jordan CP3.VIII - Available Now on NIKEiD  2 Jordan CP3.VIII - Available Now on NIKEiD  3 Jordan CP3.VIII - Available Now on NIKEiD  4

    I have to say… sf3’s look way better. Plus sf3’s have unlocked zoom, and I love unlocked zoom.

    As always thanx NW for putting the work in for posts and updates like this.

    1. OMG NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If you get 100 first’s NW gives you free shoes….keep the streak alive man.
      Keep in mind, I hear this from my cousin’s girl friend, who was by her sister-in-law’s unlce twiced removed from the family other their fathers side.

      1. Unfortunately I only made it 4.
        Wow, thanx for making me aware of that, now I will be trying every day from like 7:00am to like 5:00pm(or whenever my home school goes to)

        Just read the rest of your comment… little bugger.

  2. I’m anxiously waiting for the performance review. CP3 VII’s were so dope that if these get the stamp of approval, I’m going straight with Nike ID.

  3. There’s a choice for base upper which is woven, would that effect the performance of the cp3 VIII id which is better than the original CP3 VIII because i rmb you say that the woven upper base is awesome and it should be better than the originals.

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