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Jordan CP3.V Performance Review

The Jordan CP3.V is a pretty darn good performance model… not quite as good as the Fly Wade 2 or Air Jordan 2012 but a good shoe especially at its price point.

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Traction – The CP3.V has very good traction, much like the Zoom Kobe VII and feature a similar design to the underwhelming Kobe model. Having thinner herringbone in place gives the traction a bit more flexibility much like a brushes bristles would provide with a sweeping motion. While the grey areas offer “storytelling” traction, it still held up well and provided stable traction from heel to toe.


Cushion – I have noted this before in the Performance Teaser, but the cushion here is unlike any other foam cushion around. Lunarlon is great as it offers firm yet bouncy cushion and adiPrene gives more of a firm yet impact absorbant base yet Podulon feels as if you are in another dimension as far as cushion is concerned.

Heel strikes are more than covered with the Podulon pillar (compression pillar) while the forefoot offers a dual foam system offering firmness where you need it and more protection in the high impact areas that a Guard needs.

If you are new to foam cushions and have been used to playing in Zoom Air or Max Air, Podulon is the foam you will want to start with until to get used to the feeling. Once you get used to it I’d recommend trying out every other type of cushion source available made of foam… Lunarlon, adiPrene, adiPrene+ & even Micro G. Foams are easier on your joints and give the foot a more natural source of protection rather than a bag filled with Air.


Material & Fit – The Flywire upper is sturdy and durable, not something you typical correlate with Flywire. It isn’t as flexible as Flywires used on previous sneakers however, it’s a lot more durable than what we have previously used in the past which sort of makes up for it.

The fit is true to size and the midfoot and forefoot offer a smooth ride. I did find some disappointment in the heel and thought the lockdown could have been greater than what was offered but it also could have been far worse.


Ventilation – I went over ventilation in my First Impression and it pretty much performed just as I had initially assumed. The tongue is where you receive most of your ventilation while the side panel vents didn’t offer much of any air flow. Luckily the material is strong otherwise the fit would have been compromised had it not been able to retain its shape with the moisture buildup.


Support – The midfoot TPU shank did its job perfectly well and as stated above, the heel cup and Achilles notch was a bit lackluster when compared to other sneakers. My main issue with the entire sneaker was that the foot sat directly on top of the midsole – instead of sitting inside a bit – along with the base not being wide enough for my liking. If the foot were to have been contained a bit within the midsole and offered a slightly wider outsole, support would have been a lot better and would have been able to accommodate a wider range of playing styles.


Overall – A great purchase, not very costly and cushion is out of this world. This is a shoe that will last as well so that is something to consider for those of you who play predominantly outdoor ball.

Traction – 9.5/10

Cushion – 9.5/10

Material – 8.5/10

Fit – 5/10

Ventilation – 7.5/10

Support – 7/10

Overall – 7.8/10

  1. Great seeing your newest review. I have the same unstable feeling with the Lunar Hypergamers which uses lunarlon.As you’ve said, they surely have to widen the base a bit and sunk in the foot more. Love the detailed review, always supportive in your work!

  2. Great review! I’m curious of what you thought of the under armour bloodline aka Brandon Jennings shoe? Looking to go outside of Nike and Adidas

  3. very great review nightwing….. i like it….
    gonna agree with your review word by word…..except about the heel lockdown in fit…. luckily…i get no problem with that….

    the matrix movie thing on the forefoot cushion is very funny…but it’s true though…hahaha….

  4. Hey man, love your reviews but have you considered buying a kitchen food scale for 9.99 and weighing the shoes in your reviews? It’d take a few seconds and I know it’s something a lot of us guys want to know, and don’t want to have to rely on the never-wrong interwebs. For example one of my favorite sneakers, the kobe6s weighed something like 10 ounces, but the kobe 7s weigh like 13 ounces and lebrons are weighing like 16 ounces etc. Anyways sorry for rambling, keep up the good work

  5. Hey Man I’m back,

    Another great review. Just want to know your opinion. I’m 5’9 and play PF or C (not much big people in the Philippines) I’ve been wearing “Hyper” (dunk, rize,fuse) shoes for ball lately and also started to wear low cut shoes (Kobe VI and Lebron Ambassador 3). Now that JB is coming up with good performance shoes I plan to add one of them to my rotation. No a big fan of the Melo8 so I am choosing between the Dwade2 or the CP3.V? On the defensive side I play tough with guys taller than me. but on the offensive I do cuts, pick and roll and spot up three(not much post up moves). I kinda try to pattern my play with K.Love. Which JB shoe do you think will fit me well.

    Thanks for the help.


    1. Honestly, the M8 sounds like a perfect fit. Not sure if its the look you dislike but if you were to play in them you wouldnt care one bit.

      Heel stability is something youll need defensively and the cp3 may not be able to fully provide you with that.

      Wades could work well but if youve been using shoes with actual air cushion you may not fully appreciate the lunarlon foam.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks man.

        It’s not the looks. I don’t know, maybe when I first tried it on they didn’t feel comfortable to me. But anyway thanks again and keep up the great job. More power.

  6. im a big forward but i like to play fast and run down the court.im fine with low tops but im not sure if i should get the cp3v or the hyperenforcers. what do you think

  7. good review nightwing.keep it up.which do u think is better adizero rose 2 or cp3 v?im a guard 5’9. i run fast breaks and do pull up jumpshots.what do u think is better for me? thanks!

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