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Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3

Jordan Brand officially unveils the Super.Fly 3.

This third edition of the popular hoop shoe looks incredibly sleeker than last years model(s) along the upper but boasts that superior performance materials are utilized. We have a re-engineered Flight Plate system along with the Unlocked Zoom in the forefoot, and the Zoom unit faces the way it originally had with the SF2 – this is the official retail version so what you see is what you’ll get.

I’m excited to try these out on-court, they look pretty beastly. Just like with the Air Jordan XX9, my only real reservation is that traction pattern but we’ll find out soon enough if it works or not.

Check out the press release below along with some detailed images and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Press Release:

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 1 With basketball season just around the corner, Jordan Brand unveils the latest iteration of the performance basketball powerhouse, the Jordan Super.Fly 3. A team of designers, working with Blake Griffin as muse, created a game-tested design to ensure optimal performance capabilities powered by flight.

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 19With Griffin’s high-flying game being the inspiration to the design, the goal was to create a shoe that helps him jump even higher, with greater explosiveness. The team incorporated an evolved FlightPlate to provide the power for flight – with the addition of a tendril for a smoother heel-to-toe transition, while amplifying energy return from the Nike Zoom unit in the forefront.

“For the Jordan Super.Fly 3, I really wanted a shoe that allowed me to gain an explosive edge on court – with speed and my lift,” said Griffin, who will wear the shoe in the upcoming season. “I really like that FlightPlate not only makes me feel more powerful throughout the game, but also gives me confidence when I’m taking flight.”

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 6The outsole pattern draws inspiration from the AJ XX9, with a multidirectional traction, that provides durability and reliable response on a variety of surfaces.

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 7On the shoe’s upper, synthetic overlays add additional structure on the toe and heel, as well as lightweight textile quarter panels to create a strong and durable exterior. Inspired by a sonic boom, the upper design brings the inspiration of the shoe to life in a vibrant pattern that is sure to be noticed as players around the world take flight in the Jordan Super.Fly 3.

The shoe also features the Flight Web fit system, which creates a stabilizing lockdown and adds support during powerful cuts and jumps. The webbed straps wrap around the foot and integrate the laces for fit throughout the midfoot. A sock-like inner sleeve and padded Achilles notch on the upper delivers a comfortable all-over fit.

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 20

The Jordan Super.Fly 3 will launch in two colorways on Oct. 1, and will be available for purchase at Jordan.com and global retailers for a suggested retail price of $140.

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 10 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 17 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 16 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 15 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 14 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 13 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 12 Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 3 11

  1. These look great and the 2 was pretty good. I think these will be a more comfortable fit with the material used and even better lock down. I just wish they would have added a zoom unit to the heel. But it is nice to see Jordan Brand performance models at good price points with great attributes.

    1. i fixed that by putting janoski insoles in my pair can’t say it made a huge difference but it is a noticeable improvement

  2. Weirdly I hated the superfly 2 because I felt the zoom bag was unstable and cause my entire shooting form to be disorganized. Hopefully this won’t be a prob but in my opinion lunarlon and pudulon should have been used

    1. Well they DID create the shoe built for high flying explosive players, that’s why the zoom is so huge because its built for players who are constantly moving, cutting, attacking, and rebounding. HDs are good for you because of its low to the ground consistent and stable feel.

  3. These remind me of Dwayne wade’s 2nd shoe on jordan brand before he switched to Li Ning….MAN!..don’t know how I feel about these yet…

  4. Very curious to try these on when they release. I personally haven’t had an issue with the Unlocked Zoom with my XX8 SE’s and the shoes took a beating in 10 Competitive League Games I played in. So if Nike improved on the Unlocked Zoom that can only be a plus. And who doesn’t love the Flight Plate? Again, curious to see how they improved on it as well. I’m sure we can all agree that we’ll be waiting for Nightwing’s Performance Review on these after they’re released.

  5. I’m with the first poster in that I wish that they would add some heel cushioning. I have the 2s, like them, but can feel a huge difference after I play in them. I feel like my body has taken a nasty beating!

  6. i was waiting so long for these to come out and here they finally are. i got the two’s and these look even better

  7. Agreed on heel zoom. There’s really no excuse not to have it at $140. Hopefully they solved the Toebox height to be a little taller. The 2 was a little low and had a rough surface that would rub your pinky raw.

  8. that mesh-like material on the upper makes it look like the kobe 7….not one of my favorite looking shoes

  9. ps i love the fact that in the promo picture blake griffin is reminding us that he has a reliable stepback jumper now…

    1. The foam should be just as good for impact protection in the heel. I know a guy in my gym who plays on his heels all the time and he gets crossed up too much. Playing on the heels is difficult to react even marginally faster to what your brain thinks.

  10. I have the SF 2 and i gotta say that i’m glad they removed the plastic outrigger of the flightplate.
    that little f*cker rubbed the outside of my foot like crazy.
    might cop these when they get a discount.

  11. I’m just wanting to know if the zoom will pop, my sf2 popped after less than 4 months of playing mostly once a week.

  12. Got the SF2 based on NW’S review. They are perfect for me. Good to see they kept the forefoot zoom set up the same.

  13. i totally pushed these aside when i saw a picture of them with the zoom bag the XX8 way but knowing they’ve fixed that i have to buy a pair of these

  14. I can’t wait for these, they look beastly! But I wish they put zoom in the heel as well. I’m glad they redesigned the flightplate system!!

  15. Does not having cushioning such as Zoom, Lunarlon in the heel really make that big of a difference to you guys? I thought that the foam they used was quite soft back there in the heel area? I figured it might not be that big of a deal that they don’t have one of their main cushioning techs back there in the heel.

    Didn’t the original Super.flys actually have Lunarlon in the heel and Zoom up front? I wonder why they didn’t stick with that setup.

    1. i think the sf2 is fine, though, the foam in the back is actually pretty nice, no complaints at all from me

  16. going to wait for the performance review on both the rose 5s and theses because of the traction. Hopefully i can cop both but if it comes down to it id rather have the rose 5s because of boost

  17. They look like they can and will perform, but I can never trust a pair of unlocked zoom shoes again after playing the constant zoom pop Nike refund game with the XX8s and XX8 SE. I’m only 188 lbs, 6’1″ before you all start calling me fat. 😛

    Would love to see some more JB signature foam cushioned Js in the future other than the CP3.

  18. Is the upper woven cant tell for sure but it looks like it, also seems like JB is going to be using flightweb on all their “higher end” models.

  19. Simple I like it might cop (after the hyperdunk 2014) it looks really simple which is really good

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