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Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII + Release Info

Man, the new Jordan CP3.VIII looks impressive. Great looking traction, low cut collar (a personal preference of mine) and we finally have heel cushion back in the line. Can’t wait!

Press Release:

Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 10

Inspired by the speed of flight, the Jordan CP3.VIII design gives Chris Paul an on-court edge over opponents.

With the beginning of the season rapidly approaching, Jordan Brand debuts the eighth iteration in Chris Paul’s signature shoe. The Jordan CP3.VIII brings a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to a shoe designed to deliver maximum performance, speed and responsiveness to the court.

Chris Paul is incredibly involved in the design process of the shoe, and works closely with Jordan Brand designers to create a shoe that is made specifically for his game. Paul asks designers to incorporate elements that give him an edge over his opponents, similar to a superhero’s kit with concealed ecret weapons.

“I take designing the shoe very seriously. I like the testing process, refining the details and pushing the limits on performance,” said Paul, who will be wearing the shoe throughout the upcoming season. “From the cushioning and Flight Web lockdown system to the rubberized outsole that helps me stop on a dime, I know what these shoes can do for me, and when my opponent sees them, they know too.”

Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 3

Beyond the shoe’s performance elements, the CP3 signature line has always featured personalized touches, helping distinguish Paul’s game-day footwear. The Jordan CP3.VIII continues that trend, with a family tree detailed on the inside of the tongue, complementing the traditional chevron design that pays tribute to the patriarchs of the Paul family.


Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 9Paul’s game is notoriously fast, and he requires a shoe he can trust when he’s making quick changes in direction, stopping in an instant or initiating a high-speed attack on the rim. The TPU chassis provides this type of supreme stability for the rapid directional moves that Paul is known for.  A unique 5/8-height, coupled with an innersleeve, delivers a sock-like fit in a model that is made for players with an up-tempo game.

Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 7The textile upper provides lightweight support, while reaffirming durability through synthetic overlays on the heel and toe, as well as rubber pods strategically placed in high-contact areas. Nike Zoom units under the forefoot create responsive cushioning, and a herringbone pattern on the heel enhances the multi-directional traction that has become a staple in the CP3 line.

Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 1The Jordan CP3.VIII will launch in two colorways — black/infrared 23/white and cool grey/white/black — at global retailers and Jordan.com on Nov. 1st, for a suggested retail price of $130.

Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 2 Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 8 Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 6 Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 5 Jordan Brand Officially Introduces The Jordan CP3.VIII 4


  1. the cp3 line is a no brainer, but going by the looks of things these excite me a good deal more than the last 3 or 4 iterations, do you have any idea how the zoom setup works in the forefoot, NW? is there more than one unit in that area? bit bummed that podulon/podulite isn’t around this time, i enjoy that foam quite a bit.

    1. Its still a pod system, Zoom under the ball of the foot while the rest is dual density foams and lunar in the heel pod. Should be really comfortable without break-in time now that the pods dont stick out as much as last yrs.

  2. Wasn’t a fan of the past pair w/ the rough extended heel/base padding, but hopefully they softened it up. But in terms of aesthetics, they hit the nail. W/ the lunar on heel and the zoom pad forefoot cushioning, Cp3 should def. enjoy this one more than the last. esp. w/ the restructure of the webbing-lace system.

  3. These look solid…

    Man I swear I can’t go like a month without some new performance model that I’m itching to try lol… serious self-control must be engaged.

    1. I’m not surprised as Jordan brand accounts for 58% of Nike’s basketball shoe sales. Nike is at 37% in comparison. I read that a few weeks ago.

      All other brands make up the last 5% in sales for Basketball shoes in the US. Signing Jordan really changed everything for Nike. The other crazy thing is that Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas, but they turned him down from what I have heard/read.

      1. Yeah but how much of that 58% chunk is because of retros? The majority of people on retros don’t even hoop in them.

        1. Very true. I was wondering that myself when I first read it weeks ago, but failed to bring that point up this time around, which I should have, as a large chunk of that is most likely from the retros.

          What percentage of that do you guys think are from his retros?

          I also can’t believe that the other brands are so far behind. I really thought Adidas might have at least around 10%, but I guess not.

          1. i imagine that a VERY small percentage of that 58% comes from performance models….ALL the jordan brand performance shoes, whether the melo series, the super fly series, the cp3 series or, until the recent release of the xx8, the air jordan series, end up on sales racks or outlets somewhere, despite the fact that jordan brand has pretty much been on top of the performance game for the last few years…sad really.

  4. Much better than the first updates but I am disappointed they are moving away from natural materials. These look like Fuse, fuse, and even more fuse. Hopefully the zoom will be real zoom and not the junk they put out most of the time. The heel padding looks amazing. Last years model was plush but these look even more so. I think the lacing system would have looked better if the “Flight Web System” was on the inside of the upper and was more or less hidden. I’m interested but I’m not sold.

    1. I thought the same. I love the fabric/ woven/ mesh side panels but was a bit thrown off by the Fuse toe. Maybe they’ll put raw materials on the AE like the 6’s… those were Fuse based at first then raw, the 7’s were raw first then Fuse… hopefully they continue the trend.

  5. Wow. What a turnaround. When I first saw leaks of them, I thought they looked horrible (they looked too cheap) and that they can’t really be CP3s. These look so much better and the tech is also better than I expected at that price point.

    This could be my first CP3 shoe.

  6. CP3’s shoes are a steal for $130. It’s like JB puts out an awesome sig shoe with quality tech for the low. The price on his line goes down even further after a couple months too.

    I have too many breds and will wait for another eye catching colorway like the Bel-Air from last year was.

  7. I gotta say, I love the full package of this shoe: the design, the performance specs, the colorway,… I own a pair of cp3.VII ‘s and if they asked me if I would trade them for these, hell yeah, I would without a doubt! They look way better and to be honest, I had my own personal issues with the cp3.VII: the heel cushioning was too dense for me. A lot of times after practice, my heel was really sore.. then the zoom unit under the ball of my foot, it felt uncomfortable at times… I used to think: why is it even in there?! those were the 2 only complaints I had, so I hope the VIII performs better than the VII !

  8. The VII’s felt like too high of a “ride,” and the forefoot cushioning felt a little stiff at times. But i did enjoy the raw materials that they used. These look real nice. Hopefully they arent too high of a ride, and more low to the ground. Nightwing, have you tried these on foot yet?

  9. What I like is that these look to build on the good aspects of the VII and seem like they’ll play lower and more fluid.

    Really liking the TPU frame… especially at the heel, kinda reminiscent of the Kobe V heel support.

    Traction looks to be beastly as usual.

    1. Yes and no. The forefoot Zoom in the 14.5 is a regular sized Zoom unit like what we’d be used to seeing back in the KD4 days. The CP3 will have a small Zoom pod like the CP3.VII. The 14.5’s entire heel section, its usually colored, is Lunar vs the pod Lunar in the CP3.

  10. ill be getting these as soon as they drop. love the side panel, lunar heel, tpu chassis, styling, lace web. if they do perform how they look they should be crazy on court. ive been hoping for a cp3 with heel cushion to get released since the cp3.v. cant wait!

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