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Jordan Brand Putting the Air Jordan 3 Back in the Vault

Air Jordan 3 back in the vault

A huge announcement was made at a Jordan Brand event last night in NYC.

The VP of Footwear David Schechter, informed us that the Air Jordan 3 will be going back into the vault for the foreseeable future.

The Air Jordan 3 is going back in the vault. The last color just dropped” – David Schechter

That last color being the Sport Blue 3’s that just released on August 16th. Schechter stated that the plan is to “reset” the iconic model, and when the Air Jordan 3 comes back, it will be a remastered product. This sounds like a good idea and will build more interest of the model amongst the sneaker community. It will also give Jordan Brand more time to give us a better product, which is definitely worth it.

Hopefully when the Air Jordan 3 comes back, we see a smilier product to the ‘Remastered’ lineup Jordan Brand has planned for Spring 2015.

What do you guys think about this big announcement from Jordan Brand? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via Kustoo/ Nike

  1. It’s a good idea. This current crop of 3’s is cheaply made compared to the retros of the 90’s. I’d personally be more inclined to purchase better quality 3’s when do release them again

  2. I think jordan brand underestimates the importance of the “later models” there are tons of young’ns out there that wil never get to enjoy say…the 16 as an example. to me the 16 was phenominal on and off court. To this day my absolute favorite in the entire jordan line from 1-28 is the 2011. It’s beautiful no matter how it’s worn, super comfortable and cushioned extremely well. It never got any better than that…

  3. I don’t own any pairs of IIIs. I kept seeing the past releases and just didn’t want to spring for any except the Sport Blues. Perhaps it was for the better if or when they decide to do them right.

    So soon we will need to distinguish between what are Jordan Retros and what are Jordan Remasters.

  4. I think it’s a great idea even though I’ll be upset cause the Jordan 3s are my one and only favorite Jordan sneaker I’m just glad I have my two pairs the 2011 black cements and 2013 fire reds

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