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Joel Embiid, Dennis Smith Jr. and Mo Bamba Introduce the Under Armour HOVR Havoc II on UA China Tour

Under Armour is on its annual China tour and this year they have Joel Embiid, Dennis Smith Jr. and Mo Bamba introducing the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2.

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 has been available to purchase for about a week or so, but the marketing push for the model is just getting started.

Featuring a full-length HOVR cushioned midsole, molded textile upper and rugged herringbone outsole. Aesthetically, they may not have you eager to wear them casually. However, the performance features have me wanting to try them out on-court. There are also Polyurethane overlays on the toebox provides for additional durability — something that has me reminiscing of my favorite Kobe to play in; the Nike Zoom Kobe 6.

If you have played in the Under Armour HOVR Havoc we’d love to know your thoughts below in the comment section. If you were interested in purchasing a pair they’re available now at UA.com for $120.

via Under Armour

  1. Definitely curious about performance. Hope the HOVR is softer than the Curry 6s. If these are legit on court and they release a low version, I’ll probably grab a pair.

  2. I have used the hovr havoc 1 for som time now and I must say, I would like som more cushion in the forefoot. But that is my only complain about them. They fit me really good, have good traction and lock down. A solid shoe overall.

  3. UA’s shoes overall fit pretty snug in the toe area, which I like a lot. I’ve had the Havoc 1’s for a while and they are BOMB. The traction is ridiculous wherever you are, indoor, outdoor, dusty, or clean they are super durable and never slip out. They don’t ventilate extremely well, and forefoot cushion, as mentioned above, would be a welcome addition. the cushion is more of a responsive and court feel set up. Meaning it’s like a stiff suspension in your car. There is no lag when cutting, or in jab steps which is what softer cushion set-ups tend to do (Milliseconds albeit) and you feel a little more control of your movement.

    I’ve heard the 2’s have a softer cushion than the Curry 6’s but maintain all that’s good about the 1’s and made them lighter. I’m stoked for the 2’s

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