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HyperIce Vyper Product Review – The Foam Roller with an Awesome Feature

Foam rollers are nothing new to those that play sports, but things have been taken up a notch with the HyperIce Vyper roller.

The HyperIce Vyper is the best foam roller I’ve ever used — and it’s also one I don’t mind using. When it’s roller time you’ll hear me sigh or moan as it’s the last thing I want to do before I play, even less so after putting in work. However, the HyperIce Vyper is so effective at taking care of my fascial release that the only thing that’s come close, for me, is when I get a deep tissue massage — and that only happens once a year.

The HyperIce Vyper is a foam roller in every sense, with the added functionality of a vibrating motor that turns things up a notch and leaves most traditional rollers in the dust. Its ribbed surface acts like fingers, getting into muscle tissue like no other roller can. To ensure those ribs are getting into the muscle tissue the vibrating motor is in place — and it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever used.

There are three settings, or levels, to the vibration motor. The second setting is the one I prefer most because it gets the job done quickly and as painlessly as possible. Your body weight, in addition to the vibrations, cause those ribs to kneed and massage your muscles wonderfully. The best part is that it does this quickly! You could spend up to 10 minutes rolling out just one section of your body but the HyperIce Vyper allows you to do the same thing in about 90 seconds. If you need to hold for a little longer then you can, or you can turn the dial up a bit and release those knots quickly.

HyperIce Vyper 2

I’ve been using the Vyper for almost two months now and my body feels better than it has in a long time. Consistency is key with a recovery tool such as this so I’ve been using it daily, even on my rest days. Shoes are often the main performance product for hoopers because they’re tools that can help you on the court. However, proper recovery after game play is something that isn’t focused on as much as it should be. A sneaker can only do so much to relieve aches and pain in joints, but proper physical therapy can ensure that those sneakers get put to good use.

My only real critique is that the HyperIce Vyper, at $200, is expensive. Some might be put off by the high price tag, but to me it’s worth the investment — your body is worth the investment (#healthiswealth). Yes, you can use a regular foam roller and get similar results. However, if you want to treat your body with a massage whenever it needs one then this will come in handy.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the HyperIce Vyper, or any of HyperIce’s other recovery tools, then you can head over to HyperIce.com.

HyperIce Vyper 1

  1. I really need to invest in a foam roller. I’ve been hearing about them for a long time now and just haven’t gotten one yet but I am seeing where the need is increasing for me personally. Thanks for the review.

  2. Here in Germany this thing is called the “Blackroll Booster”.
    It’d be interesting to know who came up with this first and who sells this product under licence. Never heard about Vyper before. Checked out their website and they have really nice stuff to ice your joints!
    I’m using a lot of those foamrollers. I have two of them single balls, one duoball and one blackroll and after using all of this stuff for quite a while i also bought the vibrator part on its own. It is compatible with most foamrollers.
    BUT i’d say it is a bad idea for beginners to buy the vibrator version. Sometimes you can get this thing at a discount at 150€ over here but the normal price tag is just like yours give or take. And that is bananas for what it is and even more for what it does.
    If someone never used a foam roller before the vibrating version will just hurt you in a way that you never want to use this stuff again.
    So the best way to get slowly into this kind of thing is a standard foam roller for about 20€ and maybe, just maybe if you are not feeling like buying the latest fancy pair of sneakers one day you could also buy the vibrator part on its own when you are used to this kind of experience…
    Of course every single body is different but mine took about maybe 6 month of rolling till i not hated it any more with all of my heart.
    That being said it is the best idea one could have if you want to keep playing way past your prime.

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