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First Impression: adidas Crazy Light Boost

Boost is finally in a basketball shoe!

With the release of the adidas Crazy Light Boost, here is my first impression. Brace yourself… this video is a little longer than my most recent ones… not sure what when wrong here, but when explaining new tech you just have to be detailed.

Check out the video below and feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section.

    1. Great first impression Nightwing. Can’t wait to see your awesome, unique performance review of endurance, strength, agility and COMFORT!

  1. I want (badly) to get a pair of Dame’s PE but the fact that they don’t have boost cushioning on the forefoot is turning me off…probably my most wanted shoe of the season but it will be hard to justify getting these over the DRose 5.

  2. Hmm…it makes perfect sense Nightwing. It’s brand new tech, so maybe they want to reinforce how much better Boost is than Eva. I’m guessing putting boost in the Crazylights were a last minute thing. It’s a good way to gauge interest and it’s implementation. I think even making the Lights targeted might take some of the luster away from the Rose5s, which is meant to be their moneymaker. I bet the Lillards will be targeting tho. We still don’t know what setup the Walls are too. But yeah…the Lights are suppose to be their team shoe comparable tothe Hyperdunks, so forefoot and heel would have been nice lol. Don’t put all your Boost capsules in just one full-length carrier haha…

  3. instead of a regular EVA in the front, they could have used Adiprene+ instead.

    for the heck of it, I don’t understand what Adidas is thinking. if these cost $70 bucks, maybe I could have given them a pass. but for $120-$140, I’d just get the RG3 Boost instead.

    anyway, are you going to review the RG3 Boosts? it would be awesome to know how those will perform.

  4. Nice to see Adidas hook you up. Seems like a wasted opportunity about the boost just in the heel. Sounds like moneymen were making the decisions that day (like The Expendables 3 being PG-13. Because yeah… Who doesn’t like their action movies to be neutered?).

    I guess some of these problems could be solved if Adidas developed a Boost insole. Larger than a standard insole but not a full on midsole replacement like the Kobe 8’s, 9’s, and Lebron XI’s use. It could provide the step in comfort that EVA seriously lacks while not taking away any luster from the Rose 5’s.

      1. Yeah. That’s a perfect example. How awesome would it be to have the feeling of boost in other shoes? Dress shoes, boots, etc…

  5. it’s available on adidas Malaysia website for RM550..don’t know how much in USD though..a different colorway

  6. So they make a commercial (bouncing metal balls) showing how EVA sucks and then they go and put it in their new shoes.

  7. I just bought the Damian PE yesterday, it let me feel really soft, light and very comfortable when I was wearing it. However, I would like to know if the crazy light boost is suitable for outdoor basketball.

  8. It’s availabale also in Greece. I ‘ve got the Dame edition Crazylight and i think it’s a very well constructed shoe. It would have been better if it had the Boost at both ends. The feeling of absorption is great but i’m waiting for the Rose 5.

  9. I miss these long vids. Not rushed, conversational, raw and unstructured which brings out your earnest feelings for the shoe.

  10. Saw your pictures on instagram. They look much better on foot. Sucks that the traction is so horrible. I wasn’t going to get them anyway but it’s still unfortunate. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come with the Rose 5.

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