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Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Review

The Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro takes the innovative raw carbon fiber approach set by the control-oriented original Diadem Edge 18K and…well…made it more powerful.

Was making a power-oriented version of the paddle a success? Well, that’s why we were intrigued enough to create a full review.

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Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Specifications

  • Paddle Length: 16.4 in
  • Paddle Width: 7.5 in
  • Core: 16mm Honeycomb Polypropylene
  • Grip Length: 5.7 in
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8 in
  • Static Weight: 8oz
  • Hitting Surface: 3D 18K Carbon Fiber
  • Thermoform Construction: Yes
  • Foam Injection: Yes
Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Review face and grit



Let’s get the power out of the way. The Edge 18K Power Pro achieves its pop and power from a thermoformed (heat-molded) construction which stiffens up the paddle face a bit more for pop, as well as adds a little bit longer of a handle (5.7 inches) for groundstrokes and plow through power – neither of which were included in the original Diadem Edge 18K.

This construction works well for power as it is on par with other thermoformed paddles in performance, yet has a slightly softer feel than many of its type, which is great for spin and control as well.


The raw 18K Triaxial (as Diadem calls it) carbon fiber face of the Diadem Edge 18K may seem a bit on the gimmicky side to some paddle nerds out there as it’s followed by a lot of marketing, but after playing with it for weeks there’s no doubt that this paddle generates a high, maybe even top-tier, amount of spin.

Since I rely on a lot of top-spin on serves, my best method of gauging a paddle’s spin to the naked eye is by how short my serves fall when serving low over the net at my most comfortable trajectory. At stock weight, the Diadem 18K Power Pro could get so much top spin that it would pass over the net and quickly dip barely past the opponent’s kitchen line. Those shorter serves aren’t exactly beneficial, but because I love that type of spin, I applied lead tape to make the paddle a little more head heavy to help push the ball forward for deeper serves.

Spin was also good in several other court scenarios. Because of the 5.7 inch handle, one shot I was tempted to work on more was a deep two-handed backhand flick. Because of the great amount of spin I was able to catch the back left hand corner down the line more often than with any other paddle to date. So yeah, the spin is great on the Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro.

Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Review edge

Sweet Spot and Control

While thermoformed paddles naturally tend to generate more power, when combined with foam injection around the edges, its greatest benefit may actually be opening up the paddle’s sweet spot. This stabilizes the paddle and adds more fluidity as you swing through the pickleball.

Hitting the ball with the Edge 18K Power Pro feels natural, at least that’s the best way I can describe it. I didn’t spend as much time thinking about where I was placing the ball precisely, but rather I just trusted the ball to land where it needed to keep points alive or force my opponent into error.

The Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro is the paddle I really began to feel more confidence in when it came to resets and 3rd shot drops, especially the former. With the longer 5.7” handle, I was able to stabilize the paddle with both hands without keeping too tight of a grip and take the heat off of some of my opponent’s speedier shots to my backhand side. Once I picked this up, I also became more comfortable with the feel of the paddle on forehand resets as well as drop shots.

After I realized how much more consistent I became at softening the game under duress, I began looking for this with all of my paddles, and while I have had similar success with some, I always think back to the Edge 18K Power Pro as the paddle that unlocked this crucial part of my skill development.

Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Review elongated shape


Elongated Shape Not for Everyone

I really had a difficult time thinking of any personal negatives I had with the Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro. What I will say from a general consumer standpoint is that elongated (16.5” overall length) shape paddles are not for everyone, mainly due to the swing weight being slightly higher. Beginning players are better suited to learn the game with shorter widebody paddles, and the hybrid shape paddles that fall in between elongated and standard/widebody paddles are becoming popular among players of all skill levels for numerous reasons. I personally love the 18K Power Pro in the elongated shape, but I understand that not everyone will love it.

Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Review Summary

Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro Overall

In my opinion, the Diadem Edge 18K Power Pro is just a complete package. While nothing completely blew me away in performance, I found it to be incredibly well balanced and throughout testing I decided to play with it as my tournament paddle for men’s doubles.

While the thermoformed design and longer handle pushes this paddle more towards power than the original, I would consider it an all-court paddle as it does not fail in the control department. Singles players may want a little more power out of it, but it’s nothing that strategically adding a little bit of extra weight can’t help. The $230 retail price is steep, but speaking on performance only I would say this was my overall favorite paddle of 2023.

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