Deals: Huge Discounts on Brandblack – Up to 70% Off

Nordstrom is offering huge discounts on all kinds of dope Brandblack footwear.

Models like the Brandblack Delta, Gama II sock-shoe ($130 $40), Mil-Spec Hiker sneakerboot ($200 $40), Kaze Trail High, Viento II runner, Kaze Shibori, and August II are all available for $40 each with several slides stocked for $15 each.

If you need great hoop shoes at a steep discount before this season check out all the Brandblack Rare Metal and Future Legend basketball shoes on sale for $40-$50 each. Performance reviews are featured below.

Head to Nordstrom Rack to shop all of these Brandblack steals and let us know if you pick anything up in the comments.

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  1. Oh i love you!!! I’ve been eyeing that mil spec boot for a while now I’m able to cop it while saving money. Lol. Good thing i check weartesters daily 👍🏻

    1. Man my pleasure! I wan’ted the boot in Mauve so badly (I have a few matching BB pieces for it) so I was stunned when I saw it for the LOW. Always happy to help people flourish! Thanks for supporting us.

      1. Are you going TTS for the boot? I always have trouble with Brandblack’s sizing. I might just order two sizes and return one.

        1. It’s using the BB Aura tooling and when I ordered an 11 (thinking I should go up a half size in that shoe) it ended up being just slightly too big. So I went with 10.5 in the boot and 11 in everything else.

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