Damian Lillard’s adidas Dame 5 May Have Leaked

After initial renderings of the adidas Dame 5 leaked in May we couldn’t wait to see what the shoe would actually look like. Thanks to some overseas sneaker spies, we have a look what could be the Dame 5.

The possible Dame 5s pictured here closely resemble the official adidas catalog renders we saw in May. The shoe sports a much higher cut than the Dame 4 as well as a true tongue (the Dame 4 was a slip-on) and ribbed knit collar.

Tech specs we can expect include an engineered suede upper, lateral banking barrier for midfoot stability, and full-length Bounce cushioning. If the renders are to be believed, the shoe will feature full-length herringbone traction underfoot. That lateral banking barrier was first seen on the adidas Futurecraft 4D Laceless Basketball concept teased by Marc Dolce, VP and Creative Director at adidas, back in March.

What we do know for sure is that the adidas Dame 5 will retain its excellent bang-for-buck retail price of $115. When we have a release date/window we’ll be sure to update you — early leaks said that school teams would be able to purchase their pairs on February 1, 2019.

If this is in fact the adidas Dame 5, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

adidas dame 5

Photo via Hupu user 老卡特继续飞翔

adidas dame 5 leak

Photo via Hupu user 老卡特继续飞翔


  1. I am liking the materials on these. That forefoot mesh and that nubuck/suede looking rear looks comfortable along with the inner bootie looking collar. Combined with the bounce cushioning, this should continue to be a heavy favorite for hoopers in the next year similar to the previous Dames

    1. I had those thoughts too, the shape of the shoe, the thongue and the style on the stripes is kind of similar. I like how these look

  2. They look good. I’d like to see some versions with a solid lateral piece. I’m not sure if it’ll look better or worse, though.

    Theres some pics out there of a version with a full leather upper with graffiti-ish print on the midsole that look awesome. If I was to get one those would be it.

  3. Yo this and that T-Mac with boost. Adidas gonna please a lot of people this year. There’s also more shoes on that site hupu that’s linked. Adidas making a lot of interesting design choices

  4. Dame seems like an awesome dude and I loved the 2’s and 4’s but these sort of remind me of an NBA 2k shoe. There’s an art to having layers on shoes. These look like the side panel thing and tongue pull-tab are totally unnecessary and added on “just because”. Materials look nice especially if these are sub $120 though. 2k shoe.

  5. The subtle stripes was slick. The build looks…displaced, but it also seems like a lightweight approach at the once-typical “wing” design at the midfoot. Last shoes I remember with this were the LeBron 12 and Penny 6 (which incidentally had a Megafuse variant). Maybe the Wade 6 counts. If it’s anything like the previous Dame models, function comes way before form.

  6. I’m a big fan of the look and happy that adidas has gone away from the sock-like shoe that we have seen as of late from casual to performance. These actually remind me of the Rose Englewood or whatever it was called basically it was a boot with boost. But these are for to look dope fit off-court wear just hopefully adidas release aunt Kyrie 1 like CW..

  7. S/o to @Shantosheezy for the link to the entire rundown!

    Forget everything else on that page…I am so focused on those Rose 1.5s that I can’t see anything else. I need those back in my life. Hopefully they drop those sooner than later. My dream of having boost PureMotion pods might not happen, but I need those kicks back in my life.

  8. Best look & balance of materials from each of the leaks so far. Anyone know of another incarnation of the Crazy Explosives or will they really be the “John Wall” endorsed shoe?

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