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Crazylight BOOST Feat. Damian Lillard

adidas and Damian Lillard showcase what BOOST is all about in their latest promotional video. The latest in the CrazyLight series will make its retail debut on Sept. 1st for $140. I’m excited to try out a pair but still anticipating the D Rose 5.0 a little more.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts on BOOST’s introduction to basketball in the comment section.

  1. really hoping they release some trailblazer dame colorways. and hopefully we see a signature for him next year!

  2. When is the DRose 5 due out? Isn’t it mid October? If so, why such a late release date? Most other brands are going to have their shoes out before then. What is Adidas’ strategy here?

  3. Game changing boost energy return? Sounds like they are insinuating that these will make you jump higher so a clever marketing strategy that many will be susceptible to. No trainer has even made a difference to my leap. Can anyone attest to a sneaker that has?

      1. They are marketing terms, but they’re suggesting more-so that Boost returns to its original state much quicker than standard EVA foam. After working the Pure Boost into the ground, I find it hard to disagree with that. Instantaneous response.

  4. So essentially Adidas is saying all of their other shoes without BOOST suck. At least that’s what it seems like during the Boost campaign. As far as plush cushion is concerned I would agree

  5. Can’t wait to head to the adidas employee store on the 1st. Also, will they release the all red dame edition I’ve seen pics?

  6. I live in HK so they’re out already.the forefoot has only eva (if that) for cushion and although the heel cushion is a dream, u can really tell that the forefoot is lacking in any sort of cushioning considering that the forefoot is very low to the ground. Court feel os great but I was so close to buying but didnt because i felt the forefoot is overly stiff contrasting to the heel which threw me off.

    1. Hey Philip, yea I’m from HK too, tried them on foot and the lack of forefoot cushioning made it an instant pass for me. Guess I’ll have to wait for Rose 5.

  7. Just went to my local foot locker, they had the crazy light in stock, along with both dame editions. The camo print and the all red. I tried them on, and boost in the heel is awesome. Also, super light, the materials are good enough. The traction, from what I could tell, pretty good.
    Can’t wait till I get my own

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