adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review | NYJumpman23

Boost. Boost. BOOST! Say it with me now…BOOST! That’s what we’re talking about, especially with the next generation of adidas basketball products. The Three Stripes brand has been making waves while we’re here along for the ride. That journey is no other than the performance review of the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016. This review is from a big man’s perspective, one who plays both inside and outside (multi-position). Let’s go!

CrazyLight Boost 2016 Traction

Traction – Major key! There is no better way to explain it. The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 has the best traction I’ve tried so far this year. Although this pair doesn’t feature the Continental rubber, the dual-density soft rubber used more than held its own. No matter how hard the cuts or stop-and-go’s I made, I never once felt I was going to slip-and-slide. It’s definitely a huge upgrade from the 2015 predecessor.

The pattern of the outsole used is near perfection. While the rubber content is durable for indoor use, outdoor ballers beware, as the traction might not last as long. That thought might be different if I had the Continental rubber version to try out (might last longer), but in any case, this shoe’s traction was one of the best I’ve used.

Crazy Light Boost 2016 Cushion

Cushion – Boost is the next wave for cushioning. Full length Boost cushioning for a basketball shoe — what more can you ask for? I had higher expectations. Not to say that the Boost cushioning wasn’t doing it’s job but I expected a bouncier feedback, especially along the forefoot. While you don’t get the springed-up feeling that you’re used to from the Ultra Boost, the cushion setup helps absorb impact more than adequately.

I understand why adidas made the forefoot firm; this shoe is more focused for someone playing a floor game. This firmer setup allows the cushion to be stable while giving a smooth transition from heel to toe or vice-versa, regardless of how the foot lands and leads off. The cushion setup works — just not to my personal needs. I’m a bigger and older guy that fares much better with an immediately responsive cushion like the articulated Zoom bag on the KD9 — it’s easier on my knees.

CrazyLight Boost 2016 Materials

Materials – The particular pair I’ve been playing in features a Jacquard upper. Suffice to say it’s a very soft material and wraps around the foot like a pillow. The Jacquard upper is also backed by some nylon material for durability, all while allowing the material to stretch. The tongue is also made up of a soft mesh material to allow a comfortable fit upon lacing these babies up.

There are also rubber overlays properly proportioned on high wear areas, particularly on the medial side of the foot and along the eyelets. Additionally, a rubber roll-cage is used that wraps along the front of the mid-foot. The outsole is made up of dual-density rubber. Pretty much all the materials utilized on this shoe are exactly what you want in a perfectly priced shoe, minus the weight.

Crazy Light Boost 2016 Fit

Fit – [email protected]#$*()@#$)*(&#$()!!!!!!! I went true to size on my initial pair, and boy was it a scare. I played in the shoe a few times, only to deal with major heel slippage. This is a big concern due to the fact I don’t need to fall out of my shoe while I’m either down low boxing out for a rebound or getting ready to make a move. It is my biggest gripe with this shoe.

Naturally, I stick to my personal size 13, but I unfortunately had to go a 1/2 size down (12.5), which I was successfully able to do (with delays, of course, apologies in advance). While the front of the shoe does fit snug, after putting in a little time in the shoe, the materials, particularly the area where the roll-cage rubber is located, contour to your foot. I was able to play a less-worrisome and more stable game as the 1/2 size down fit me perfectly and allowed me to play my inside-outside game without interruption.

For those with wide footers (such as myself), definitely please try these on in-store. For those who wear ankle braces, you might luck out going true-to-size. Again, I suggest bringing your basketball socks and braces to the store so you figure out the fit yourself.

CrazyLight Boost 2016 Support

Support – The support is based on the sizing. If you can get your correct size, you won’t have to worry about the heel slippage I endured. Secondly, the cushioning. The Boost technology (the most Boost ever put into a basketball shoe) provides great impact protection while giving you fluid responsiveness. The way the shoe contours to your foot, particularly with the use of the roll cage, allows your foot to fit the shoe much more naturally — all while giving you a stable ride.

The TPU heel counter ensures you that you don’t slip out the shoe (provided you have the correct size) and there is a torsional support bar enabling proper support for the footbed. The nylon lacing setup ensures that you’re locked in along with the plastic lace-wings to give you a tight wrap. None of these restrict you from making your natural movements on the court.

Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 NYJ

Overall – This is one of the best low top basketball shoes on the market. The Three Stripes has really stepped up its game with the basketball line this year and the Crazylight Boost 2016 is proof. For $120 you get a Jacquard upper, a soft dual-density aggressive rubber outsole, Boost cushioning, and adequate fit/lockdown (if you get your proper sizing).

If you’re a person that is generally leading a floor game and loves playing in low tops with proper cushioning and ultimate responsiveness, the CLB16 is absolutely for you. If you’re a player that needs the springy responsive cushioning like what you feel in the adidas Ultra Boost and need that extra impact cushioning when landing off a rebound, then you might look elsewhere.

I’m not saying this shoe doesn’t perform well, it absolutely does, I just need a more springy cushion to help protect the impact and energy return on my knees. I love the Crazylight Boost 2016 and all the tech featured on this shoe works to a T. What more can you ask for in a well-equipped shoe with a respectable price? Salute to you Nick Daiber, and adidas, for making an awesome basketball shoe. Can’t wait to see what adidas has in store next.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 NYJ23

Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016

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  1. Good performance review by NYJUMPMAN23. I guessing the Crazy Explosives are going to alot of peoples go to shoe. Adidas sizing has always been strange to me. In retros I have to size up. Newer shoes I have to size down. Those white Crazy Lights look so clean and the traction is beast.

    1. Appreciate the love Nate2. Glad you enjoyed the review, especially coming from a different perspective. Yeah, I’m definitely not a fan of the sizing in particular. And the white colorway does look super clean. More performance reviews on deck, keep it locked!

  2. Great review, I still believe there was no need to cage the forefoot, the early CrazyLight samples had an open forefoot, which would’ve provided that awesome feedback, without giving up much stability(especially with boost having a rim over the footbed, it should’ve been fine).

    1. I think the Roll cage does its job. Particularly for people who do very vast movements on hard cuts, that will provide enough support rather than pulling/tugging too much on the upper material and deteriorating the durability of the material. Each particular basis of the shoe is supposed to provide a function, that the material(s) did just that. Thanks for watching/reading!

      1. I agree with you there. I am also a proud owner of the shoe and concur with your thorough assessment.

      2. I’m sure it does a great job, it’s a see-saw effect though, more roll-cage = less perceived Boost, and you mentioned you wanted to feel more Boost.

        1. I do want to feel more Boost, but each shoe is directly pinpointed to specific players who play a certain way. These shoes obviously were no directed to the big-man/low-block player, but more for players who drive-&-kick or float along the wings/three point line. The high roll cage in which case helps those who often do a lot of off-the-ball work or lot of hard quick cuts and sprints while providing them a stable in-step without causing one to lose a step in motion. Again, each formality of the shoe provides a specific function to specific a playing style. If you’re running on a fast break and need to change of pace and direction at the same time, you won’t over-turn your foot as much due to the rubber material cage preventing an instability factor, while the firm boost forefoot gives you enough impact protection while keeping you low to ground

          1. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, I was merely pointing out why it happens, and how it could be different, and the fact the Wiggins CrazyLight weartest PE was without the roll-cage, suggests it was an option to leave it off.

  3. NY with another one. Great job man and after hearing many opinions and then seeing yours, I might hold off on these until they discount. I just need that cushion to be a little less firm nowadays. From what I’ve read, it does a great job with impact protection but the firm ride might be a little bit of a negative for me right now. As always, thanks for that big man perspective and great review.

    1. Trezz, always appreciate your support my dude. I really like the shoe and it does exactly what it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t fit my particular needs particularly due the need for more energy return from a bouncier cushion set up due to my knee/joints. I still really dig the shoe. It’s a straight beast on court.

  4. I understand that an accurate or better size measurement is one to be desired especially for someone who are only able to order blindly online. but for me, the more evident concern with regards to Adidas shoes is to improve their material durability/clothing on the heel section of the shoes. I must say that all the Adidas shoes I have worn have some busted heel counters like the cloth being torn off and the foam inside of it as well after prolonged usage. I didn’t encounter this problem with other shoe brands and they have survived way longer than my Adidas shoes. it just saddens me because the Adidas shoes are now my go to shoes and I hate not wearing them especially when the rubber is still good to go but they feel and look butt ugly with those torn parts. Adidas, please improve on that area. Thank You.

    1. Collins,
      I understand your concern, however, you can be sure that the THREE STRIPES is listening and watching what we say and do, as opposed to certain other brands. The heel counter and the cloth itself on the CrazyLight Boost 2016 hasn’t had a problem at all to be honest with you. And trust us…all of us at Weartesters, we’ve all encountered durability concerns. The shoe you talk about is what particular pair though? If it’s a durability concern to this particular pair, I would suggest contacting /// directly so they can assist, but overall, none of us have had this problem on this shoe. If you wear an ankle brace, that could be chaffing the materials off the shoe too. You’re style of play and how your foot placement, and footwork can also be the culprit but as can be many other things.

      1. NYJM23, the most recent one is the CLB2015 which I really liked. I see it as a concern since it seems to be an “recurring” problem with the brand. I encountered it initially with an Adidas shoe which was 7 generations older. a friend of mine had the same durability issue with his tubular. for some reason, the chaffing seems to hit the same spots everytime, particular where the hard heel counters are placed especially the sides. and they chafe really bad and tore off the foam inside of it. the sizing though is not really an issue for me since I’m a wide footer. the only issue I had with regards to fit was if they had a narrow mid section which were the old figure 8 design.

        I believe the chaffing is a flaw since I have shoes that are way older than those which I treated pretty much the same way. thanks.

  5. Great review NY. It’s really great and helpful to see you guys on WT doing reviews on the same kicks but from different perspectives. I think the CLB 2016 would be more suitable for guards or so called “3D” players for their game, especially for cut and transition. However, for those (like you and me) who need to fight in the paint and working for rebound, a springy cushion may come to top priority. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you posted review for crazy explosive. Last but not least, we all know that the 3 stripes will keep releasing full-length boost to the market, including Rose 7 and crazy explosive this year. What about a review for full-length boost basketball combining CLB2016, Rose7 and crazy explosive together ? Do you think it is a good idea ?

    1. BBALLER that’s up for discussion, we can’t pin them three together because not all of our guys own all three, with few exceptions. We all have our own opinions on each shoe, and each shoe would provide a different purpose in regards of the positions we play, so might come off a little biased. We’re all about fairness and want to give users like yourself to have the “OPTION” to pick whatever you like and that fits “your” needs.

  6. Hey NY,
    I noticed your comment on the boost’s cushioning not fitting your style of play, although it does provide adequate cushioning.
    For myself, I am one with bad knees and joints as well. However, my style of play is like the one you mentioned on the review (slash, drive and kick, low-to-the-ground).
    It seems as if this shoe would fit my style of play. However, when you mentioned your bad knees, is that to say that this shoe does not provide enough impact protection for YOU personally? If so, it seems like I’ll have to opt for the Crazy Explosive set-up.

  7. Sammy said that they do wear ankle braces and that the heel slipping is reduced while wearing a brace. Word of advice..the official spelling is adidas not Adidas. It is spelled with a lower case a . Not trying to be a douche..maybe you did not know.

  8. First off, let me apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for the questions I am about to ask. I am new to this and didn’t know where the best place would be.

    For background, I am not a serious ball player or anything and I only play about once a week with some other guys around my age (30-45 range). For the last 3 years I have played in the same pair of Kobe 8’s but they are giving out on me and I need something different. I really don’t like playing in anything but lows. (Although maybe that’s not really fair to say because I have never tried playing in anything but lows for the past 20 years).

    Anyway, I’m wondering how both this 2016 version and the 2015 version compare to my Kobe 8’s? Before my Kobe 8’s I played in the adidas Gil 0 for 5 years or so. So that’s all I really have to compare to.

    The 2015 can be gotten for $80 or so right now and if they are about the same as my Kobe 8s maybe I’d go with them. Is the extra $40-50 for the 2016 worth it for a guy like me who doesn’t play that often and never competitively? I’m not the guy that buys stuff just because it is the latest version or style. It’s more about comfort while still giving me good performance. I’m 6’3″ 215 lbs and can still dunk. (That’s something I’m fairly proud of at the age of 38.)
    My Kobe 8’s have been fine but lately my knees and lower back has been feeling the poundings bit more. Something with some more cushioning would be very welcome. Can someone compare cushioning for the 2015 and 2016 to the Kobe 8?

    Thanks in advance and again, if there is a better place to ask something like this please let me know and I’d be happy to inquire there.

    1. The 2015 version for me, while solid in most areas, just didn’t provide enough cushion without swapping the insole out with something for added protection. If you absolutely need impact protection then the latest model is recommended. Not because its the latest, but because it features full length Boost and it doesn’t get any better than that. IMO

      1. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it. The extra cushioning is probably my biggest priority so it looks like I’m going with the 2016. Thanks again!

    1. I can’t really say one is better than the other. It really depends on your personal needs. I prefer a more plush cushioning b/c of my age and knees. My review based upon my personal experience might vary with a user like yourself and your playing style.

    1. CLB’s cushioning is better for making cuts and has better heel to toe transition so ur less likely to injure yourself playing as a guard.

  9. Hey guys!

    I need some advice on what pair to get I’m deciding between the D ROSE 6 and Crazy light boost 2016 what I look in a shoe is Cushion, Support, Traction.


  10. Hi Sir,

    I recently bought a pair, thanks to your great reviews, I was compelled! 🙂 I got it for $70 (3,600 Pesos here in the Philippines) only. My pair, however, fits quite big because I settled for a 9US size even though I’m normally for 8.5US shoes.

    Can you suggest any remedy, aside from double socks? When I double my socks, it get uncomfy at the midfoot because its quite narrow, I guess. Please help me. My heels dont fit perfectly to it.

    thanks, bro!!!

  11. Hello guys from weartesters

    Last year I bought the crazylight 2016 in the harden ghost pepper colorway after reading a ton of positives feedbacks about the shoe traction. the traction, compared to my Drose 6 suck ass and I was pretty mad about it, because I wanted a great low top performer.

    do you think the traction still need a breaking time ?

  12. What do you mean when you said players that playing/leading floor game? a bit confusing, btw awesome review man.

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