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adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review

Holy sh*t, the adidas Crazy Explosive is awesome…

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review Traction - 2Traction – Beastly. That is all…

Just kidding. The traction is beastly, though. Multi-directional traction that was inspired by the coral reef — or something like that. Whatever the design is based on, it works — and it works really well. Even with the translucent setup, you’ll receive great traction. Peace of mind is what you’ll receive while rocking the Crazy Explosive on-court. All you’ll have to do is lace them up and enjoy the game.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review Cushion

Cushion – Oh. My. Gawd. Look at that BOOST. I call this the Ultra Boost of basketball. The comfort, impact protection, responsiveness — it’s all there. This just might be the most comfortable hoop shoe I’ve ever laced up. I’ve worn many different shoes in my 21 years of playing ball. I’ve worn everything from Payless kicks to Protege to coveted Air Jordans. These trump them all in terms of cushion. Simply amazing.

The best part is that even with all the comfort they bring, they’re still stable. The TPU wrap around the lateral side of the midsole holds it all together. It’s not a hard TPU, so don’t worry about any unevenness with the setup; it’s more of a soft rubbery TPU that contains the forefoot while allowing the heel to expand. Visually, it might not be the coolest looking thing but you won’t care once you’ve taken them for a spin.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review MaterialsMaterials – This is the Primeknit version of the Crazy Explosive. It features unrestricted Primeknit. No glue, no Fuse, just a little bit of Nylon in strategically placed areas so those sections don’t stretch too much. It’s not just the cushion that makes these the Ultra Boost of basketball, it’s also the materials. These things are awesome. No, it’s not the most durable setup, but the comfort it brings is worth it.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review Fit

Fit – Surprisingly enough the Explosive fits true to size. I believe the inner bootie is the reason behind it as it takes up any potential dead space the shoe would’ve offered had it been removed.

Lockdown is surprisingly solid as well. When you first take them out for a spin there will be a small break-in period as the knitted upper will stretch in certain sections at is gets used to your specific foot shape. A quick adjustment of the laces and you’ll be good-to-go. Speaking of laces…there are only four eyelets. Yeah, talk about crazy. However, they actually work. They wrap around the foot from the top of your foot all the way down to the strobel board — aka footbed. It does so in strategically placed sections that provide lockdown in every major section of the foot: the forefoot, forefoot just after the flex zone, midfoot, and ankle/heel. On top of all that, you can easily wear a brace with the shoe without having to size up; the collar will stretch and fit around nearly any shape.

Primeknit has never been used so organically on a basketball shoe until now. Crazy.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review Support

Support – We’ve gone over what makes up the support throughout the review. They offer a wide, flat, and stable platform to start. Then there is the TPU cage wrapped around the midsole. The tooling is shaped in a way that it cradles the foot in the forefoot section which acts as an outrigger. And the lacing system somehow is adequate enough with just four eyelets. On top off all that — or should I say underneath — is a TPU spring plate that offers torsional support and also keeps the platform — or base of the shoe — in stable form. Similar to the old X-bars adidas is known to use, but this one is shaped like an 8 instead.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Performance Review Overall

Overall – Initially, I wasn’t even planning on wear-testing the Crazy Explosive. I was going to have Bryan or Stan take care of them. However, they were given to me at the adidas LVL3 event so I thought to myself that I may as well put them to good use. I’m glad I did because I fell in love with the hideous things and they’ve replaced my D Rose 6 Primeknit as my go-to shoe. They’re consistent in every category and excel in the cushion department.

Once John Wall left the Three Stripes and these became Wiggins’ shoe, I thought they were altered to meet the needs of larger players. That isn’t the case at all. These are suitable for any player on the floor, whether you’re quick or explosive…or large and slow. These have something for everyone. This is adidas’ Hyperdunk — only way better.

adidas Crazy Explosive Performance Review Score

  1. Better cushion than rose 7? Tried on both today, having a hard time deciding, both were great. My main issue is what’s good for my knees on my late 30’s.

    1. I remember them saying the DRose was sort of disappointing because it didn’t have the Ultra Boost feel (firmer toe boost). With that in mind, less firm I think is better protection from impact, without compromising court feel. I would definitely go with CE over DRose7.

      1. I agree. My knees are a little busted and a more forgiving setup is definitely better for extended periods of time while on your feet.

    2. Definitely, I would say D Rose 6 and these are your best bets. I have never had serious knee problems but I am a heavier player and 35 years old, so naturally I have some knee discomfort after long runs sometimes. Zero with either of the models I mentioned, slight discomfort with the D Rose 7. The Harden also seems like a good bet but for me the lousy fit at the ankle kept me from playing in them for any length of time any way, and the Boost does feel a little harder than the models mentioned here.

  2. Finally!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this! Thanks, NW. Just a question, though, would this work for wide footers and those with ankle braces? I am both.

  3. Does the high collar restrict range of motion at all? It’s been a really long time since I’ve worn a high.

    1. Don’t let the visuals fool you. There is no restriction on range of motion, especially with the PK version, even for the Neoprene version. It’s very fluid with movement of your foot.

        1. i didn’t know assholes makes great performance reviews in detailed fashion for free. Use common sense and read what he wrote.

        2. He’s sick of idiotic questions that have been answered in videos and other posts.

          If I was him I’d block people from posting after one stupid question.

          So yeah, it’s just you

  4. Do you think these will work well with orthotics? It looks like we have a winner to be my next hoop shoes
    Great job as always!

    1. I’m not sure what your foot concern or issue is, but I haven’t worn any orthotics with a shoe which has a Boost Cushion setup on it. the only shoes that I have worn an orthotics is the Hyperfuse.

      1. I’ ve been suffering from chronical tendinitis in my right patellar tendon since late December and I had to stop playing basketball for 4 months. One big factor of the injury was that i overpronated when my foot striked the floor so my knees received a lot more impact than they should, also when i was walking i would provoque an external rotation of my knees, putting the tendon in a positition where it had more tension. Now, i’ve been coming back to normal activity without any issue and i’ve felt a huge difference with the orthotics.

        1. I see. Jay, why don’t you use knee brace? I recommend the McDavid’s Hinge type, either the dual disk or PSII, depending on your preference. I have used the dual disk for a year when I was recovering from a knee surgery. it protected my patella and wiggly weak knee. I still do use it for basketball as an added protection and safety measure. as far as feet foot pronation is concerned, I didn’t encounter it much wearing Adidas shoes. so I didn’t feel the need for my orthotics. this particular CE shoe’s level though tilts/sinks a bit downward towards the medial side. so personally, I’d say I’m safe if rolling my ankles was a concern.

          1. I’ve never been a fan of any type of brace, I think that it has more cons than pros. Although it protects the joint, it does it by provoking a lot more stress in the other joints since they have to compensate the lack of movement of the protected joint, and also makes the joint weaker from a stability stand point because you aren’t stimulating the propioceptors of the joint since the brace it doing their work. What i do use is the infrapattelar strap, but i only use it if i’m really really bad, most of the time i’ll use de McDavid Hex knee pad because i really like the feeling of compression

          2. glad to hear that. well, whatever works for you, right? anyway, the McDavid’s product are really heaven sent. in my case, I need the hinged-type considering the wooble and weakness issue I had after surgery due to muscle atrophy. it was really bad. so I had to have something for cushion protection on landings which the hinges were effective on absorbing the force of the impact, as well as securing the knees in place since my knee almost popped out when my leg collided with someone else’s leg.

            back to the shoe, I think it’s better to try this shoe first to see how it goes. personally, the shoe is good for my condition and I’m pretty much into Adidas Boost right now.

    1. Listen man it’s got hall of fame traction so I’m gonna assume yes. Waiting on my pair to come in.

      1. You based the traction to work outdoors based upon a score card?
        The rubber content is not using high-density rubber (such as XDR) for longer durability. It would work, but wouldn’t last long.

        1. If i wear a size 9.5 in ultra boost would I be the same
          Size in these or would I go down a 1/2 because it’s prime knit?


  5. Got mine last night and I can’t wait to hoop in them. I think my search for that perfect shoe is finally over. I just might stock up on them for years to come.

  6. Great review! I’ve been trying to decide between these and the Crazylight Boost 2016s, is the traction difference between them that much different, and do they fit the same size?

  7. Thanks Nightwing for the review!

    Odd that the traction didn’t get a weartesters hall of fame badge considering it was Beastly, was it lesser compared to the CLB2016?

    Looking forward to other primeknit colorways.

    1. I’m not sure if I “should” answer but I will. The weights are on the Scorecard for the shoes. They have been for years. I hope that helps I guess.

  8. Great review. Would you say the Boost is more plush and comfy on this or the D Rose 6? I’m asking because the Rose 6 is the plushest, most impact-protecting Boost shoe I’ve felt so far.

          1. dude, NW did mention that the CE replaced his Rose 6 PrimeKnit as his go-to shoe. I believe that says a lot and I love the Rose 6 PrimeKnit.

          2. Collins: dude, I know what he said. I’m asking specifically if the boost feels more plush than than Rose 6. Thats great that he likes the Explosive better, but I’m asking about the cushioning. Its not hard to understand.

  9. Good performance review NW. These might be the best performance shoes of the year. I’m gonna wait for a neutral color to cop.

  10. Wow, that’s really something from the three stripes. After putting full-length BOOST on basketball shoes, Adidas got back in the game to compete with Nike. Now I’m considering to grab a pair from the store and experience how it works in my game.
    Great review NW.

  11. Great review, I have been waiting for this vidieo, Thanks NW. Recently I saw a pair that I supposed is Andrew Wiggins PE, they have 6 eyelets. Do you think it will make a major difference, and why did adidas only provide 4 eyelets for general consumers?

  12. Damn these just retired my currys. I’ve been playing in the 2s/2.5s for the last year but took the crazy explosives for a spin tonight for the first time and UFFF I’m in heaven. Boost cushioning is the greatest thing on earth, my knees don’t even feel like I played aaaaand I’ll probably sleep in these tonight lol

    1. LOL! I can only imagine how that feels moving from the Curry to a Boost model as plush as these supposedly are because those Currys were kinda rough on my legs.

      1. Yea mine too bro, and I loved my currys, so it’s kinda bittersweet to put em away but like nightwing said boost is life. The fact that I can go to the gym this morning after playing last night is remarkable.

  13. Hey Nightwing, thank you for the great review and I am considering copping these.. my only concern is that if the cushion will be too “mushy” for me… As a quick guard, I value responsiveness more so than “plushness”. I got those D Rose 6s, and they were to mushy for me, like they would absorb too much “force”, so when I try to push off I felt like a half step slower.. hope you’ll be able to help me out.. thanks!

    1. get the CLB2016 or Rose 7 instead. otherwise, just get yourself some Lillard 2’s with the Bounce Cushion.

      1. Thanks but I really want to know the specifics about the cushion (which isn’t really addressed in his review). I already have the lillards 2, don’t want to deal with the heel slip in clb2k16… and the drose 7 review isn’t out yet

    2. You seem like you need a more low to the ground responsive cushion set up.
      I could consider the KD9, CLB2016 or Drose7 if that’s the case b/c the CEB is ULTRABOOST-esque

      1. Hey man, saw your review on CLB2k16, great job!
        I’m still worried about the heel slip in them (since fit is pretty much the support) but after seeing your review I might go half a size down and give them a try..
        I will also wait for the Drose7 review! I know you guys are in the process so I don’t want to rush you guys!

        1. The comparison to a penny helps people so concerned about shoe weight,

          CLB2016 – 13.6 oz = 20 pennies lighter

          KD9 = 12.4 = 30 pennies lighter

          For those weight watchers, grab a penny and see if your shoes are heavy.

          1. Yo it’s a little different than that…these have true primeknit and I’m not sure how dense the inner booty is but that means these would have a lighter upper than the non primeknit in theory anyways. To me it just makes me think they could end up feeling a little bottom heavy from all the boost foam. Hopefully not and based on NWs review probably not. They sound well designed so the weight should be distributed properly.

    1. Those based on nw’s true to size, however I’ve noticed with adidas shoes he often says true to size but I always go a half size down in adidas. So go a half size down and the weight will too

      1. That’s awesome, also, it’s crazy to see how many people anticipated these and with that review, one of the best kick of all time?

    NW, once again thank you very much for this work! Thanks man! I mean it…thank you!
    No questions…just THANK YOU!

  15. I don’t think they have released this beast here in the Philippines yet, but based on the trend with the Rose 7, Lillard 2 and CLB 2016, I would assume that it would cost around Php8,000 SRP (around US$175).. I guess I’d have to wait until they would mark down its price. Too bad though.. I would really love to wear them right now.. 🙁

    1. Russel: Already out in Adidas Shop Trinoma (Philippines) in red colorway, black and white but in neoprene. No PK version yet. Php 7,995 SRP.

    2. They are already here in the Philippines since 08-01-2016. The Nations CW (turquoise and black) of CE’s SRP is 8799 in Titan if I can remember it correctly. The DRose7 and CLB2016 both sell for 8k. The Neoprene version of CEs are already available, as well. The black and grey CWs. I haven’t seen a solar red yet, though.

  16. Russel: Already out in Adidas Shop Trinoma (Philippines) in red colorway, black and white but in neoprene. No PK version yet. Php 7,995 SRP.

  17. EMEB6H92 20% off Eastbay. Works on the $130 Crazy Explosive. Came to $110 with tax and delivery so you save about $30.

    Sidenote: 90% of you guys asking questions let me know our future is bleek. You obviously can’t read and you’re too lazy to listen to someone tell you everything in a video!

    Please play Pokemon Go and walk on to a highway at rush hour.

    1. You’re talking about the non-Primeknit Crazy Explosive models, which some people might now want. Like NW said though, if you’re on a tight budget, the EastBay deal is a great one.

  18. How is the durability of the outsole on outdoor courts? This wasn’t addressed in the video. Is it anywhere close to the durability of the continental rubbers found on the CLB 2016?

    1. I believe it was addressed in Jahronmons video, but because these have a translucent-type outsole, they would not be ideal for outdoors and would get worn down pretty fast, especially since it’s a softer outsole. Continental Rubber would be better, but might not be the best option since CLB 2016s are $120, so you’d be better off getting a cheaper shoe for outdoor play.

      1. I already own the CLB 2016 but I was thinking maybe I should pick up the CE since I prefer more cushion. I play exclusively outdoors. I went to Foot Locker today and I felt the outsole of both the CE and CLB side to side and the CE’s sole is so much more pliable. It’s really soft. You’re right, it’s definitely not going to last long when playing outdoor. I wish Adidas would make the CE with continental rubber.

      1. by from europe and not from usa if you wand CE with continental rubber
        only in usa adidas & nike make shoes with soft rubbers because is a fashion to go in close courts and if you dont doit you are not in hype !!!!!! i know i know this retarded but this is how the companies look usa people

  19. Great review. I tried both the Rose7 and the CEs today and i feel the same way. The CEs are the best thing around. Better fit, more cushioning simply great.
    The only downside i can see is that there is not one option with a Continental rubber outsole. Really every single one has a more or less translucent outsole.
    Over here in Europe the price is 160€ for the PKs which seems ok at first but if the sole is done after 2 month these shoes could also be seen as pricey. Anyway they feel better than the Rose and the materials are better than the KD9s.
    Waiting on the “Triple Black” PK version in October which seems lightyears away.
    I want them now. 🙂
    One last strange thing i noticed. The CEs from the “Nations Pack” are available on the adidas US website. In the text it reads they are imported. I wonder from where? For sure not from Germany…we only have the red ones on our website.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Yoooo love the reviews nightwing!
    I’m feeling torn on what sizes buy, I’m a size9.5 in Nike but adidas casual shoes (Stan Smith/all stars) I’m a 9..,
    I know True to size for you Nightwing is 9 just wasn’t sure about brands. I live in a small town in Canada that doesn’t have these in storage try on… thanks for the help homie!

  21. just got to try these and this is my opinion of the CE shoes so far.

    the traction really bites the floor. the Rose 6’s traction was great but these were just better. Cushion – it felt a little bit weird, for some reason I feel the impact protection and comfort especially when on the move but feel a bit more stable and contained, they are comfortable but I just prefer the Rose 6’s bouncy ride and standing feel. don’t get me wrong they are still comfortable but feel different. stableness or footing/landing ? well, I believe how the outsole was designed and contoured makes the shoe sink medially which isn’t bad although again, I’d say feel different from the typical shoe balance and tilting laterally which causes sprain issues. there was no need to put a lateral outrigger on the side of the shoe which safeguards you from spraining. so the new design works as far as limiting sprains is concerned. materials/upper? top-grade. possibly the most obvious reason why anyone would consider buying this shoe or upgrading from a Rose 6. the PrimeKnit design on this is really comfortable and secure and it works. the shoe just wraps around your foot nicely. didn’t have an issue with the high top design. and they look more compact and smaller than the Rose 6. I’d say the CE is a great alternate for the Rose 6 PrimeKnit. the Rose 6 is still amazing.

    1. Collins,
      Could you compare your experience to Lebron X?

      I really like the bounce of Lebron X and I am torn about purchasing neoprene Crazy Explosive at 160 USD or DRose 6 @ 80 USD. (Sale in the Philippines)

      I would prefer the shoe more similar to the cushioning of Lebron X.

      1. to be honest, the cushioning is different. the max zoom in the Lebron X feels different and feels really bouncy due to the way how max zoom is made for and made of. if I were to describe them, Lebron X is you want some of that your response you are after, and Boost if you want comfort/protection. the feel on wearing Boost is more like walking/running on pillows. “you have to walk/run to feel the effectiveness of the shoe”. I’d say I would them on first if you like them. jump or walk/run inside the store if you have to.

        all these 3 shoes are good but I’m leaning towards the Boost due to weight and knee issues. but personally if you ask my opinion, I would get the Rose 6 instead and wait for the CE price drop. the Rose 6 for me are really amazing and are still my go to shoes.

  22. These or CL Boost?
    My favourite shoe ever is the Zoom Kobe 5 because of the fit of the leather and how low to the ground it was. I also love that its low top. Hearing Nightwing say that CL Boost is like that on steroids makes me go crazy but then he got so hype about this pair. By NW’s description these are pretty much flawless, I really need

  23. These or CL Boost?
    My favourite shoe ever is the Zoom Kobe 5 because of the fit of the leather and how low to the ground it was. I also love that its low top. Hearing Nightwing say that CL Boost is like that on steroids makes me go crazy but then he got so hype about this pair. By NW’s description these are pretty much flawless, I really need help deciding.

    1. thats what I love about weartesters, not biased toward any brand, not taking checks to give shoes an un-honest review.

  24. I played in these yesterday for three hours!!! The absolute most amazing basketball shoe that I have ever worn. No foot fatigue. Complete shock absorption. Adidas just blew by Nike in the basketball shoe department and I have always been a Nike head!
    I tried the Rose 7 and it is too firm and the upper material was too rigid for my liking. Get like a good shoe but actually felt more heavy than these to me.
    I play 3 or 4 and these were perfect for either posiiton!!!! Great damn job Adidas and I will be all over the other ‘knit’ color ways!

    1. Thanks for the review. I like the way the Rose 7 looks but, I’m going to the the explosive’s for sure.

  25. Thanks for review…I have the CLB 2016 Jaquard white version and i honestly don’t like forefoot fit (too space) and traction & cushion. For those Who have tried both Are CE what I’m looking for? Also Are the CE ligther than CLB 2016?


  26. These are PK fire!!! (I hope someone got that reference…)

    In any case, I’m glad I didn’t bite on the Rose 6 or any other Boost basketball shoes since these seem like the ones to go with!

  27. Hey NW, great review! Looks like we have a new adidas performer. I can’t read in the cushion section whats the difference to the Rose 6. The Rose 6 is amazing comfortable. Has the Explosive the same setup only with that tpu wrap?

    1. There isn’t really a need to compare differences from one shoe to another in a performance review. It’s rare that we do that in general unless we’re making a direct comparison from the previous model in the line to the current. In the cushion section we were as detailed as possible to provide you with the information you’d need as to how the cushion is with this shoe.

      1. Come on, in generell I totally agree that you dont need to compare anything. Its just not interesting. But here its obviously more or less the same cushion in 2 shoes. You can describe this shoe faster and more explicit if you mention that its the same as in the Rose 6, and ye thats interesting cause many of your fellow readers might have tried the Rose 6 and can imagine how the Explosive fells like, if you say YES, its the same 🙂

        1. I disagree. If I were to compare these to a shoe then I’d get questions regarding how this shoe was as they hadn’t tried the shoe it was compared to. However, comparing this shoe’s cushion to the other two newer models in the adidas Hoops line is more useful since those are the models people will generally match them up with. If you need information on how a shoe’s cushion is then the best thing to do is to go back and read through that review. If you think that we will be catering to every single readers wants or needs here then unfortunately, you’re mistaken. We break the shoe down the best we can to give readers a very good idea as to how the shoe plays. If you need useless comparisons that are irrelevant then that just isn’t what we do.

          1. Its ok man, I didnt expect that its that hard for you in this special case, no problem, keep on the good work.

        2. if you won’t mind me answering your inquiry, I would say the CE is a noticeably stabler version of the Rose 6. both are equally Boost comfortable. the real difference however so far is in the upper/material. the CE PK is really comfortable and better fit compared to the Rose 6 PK. I’m comparing PK versions of both shoes.

          1. Thanks a lot, my Rose 6 suede has probably not a that good fit then the PK version, but its okay and the cushion is still the best I have ever tried (2nd place: Melo 11). My knees love the Rose 6 boost.

          2. same here. despite the CE being a noticeable upgrade, I wouldn’t advice people to jump in immediately with the CE if they want to save money, just get the Rose 6 PK which is amazing. the only time I guess that people should jump on the CE if they get a sick colorway or get cheaper by the end of the year.

  28. How high/low do these ride? Assuming from your glowing review even if it IS a higher ride, stability wasn’t an issue at all.

  29. Got my pair in the mail today… First Adidas shoe in a long time with a good true to size fit! The PK feels like that of an Ultra Boost…. Very comfortable. I’ll drop another comment after playing in them

  30. I really want to love this shoe. Adidas made huge strides, with outstanding cushion and traction, for which I have no complaints. The tpu cage provides great forefoot support for cutting – huge improvement on Rose 6 in that area

    The one thing I can’t get over after playing a 40 minute game is the discomfort in the heel area. Something about the rigidness of the heel counter + the lack of rear ankle/achilles padding makes the back of my foot feel like its riding against a wall as opposed to feeling wrapped nicely. Has anybody else had this problem and possibly experience an improvement in comfort in this area with further break-in? When going back and forth with the Rose 6 pk, it feels like the explosive kills that model in every single area but missed on the heel.

    1. the heel counter for the CE was fine with me as well as the ones on the Rose6 PK. my only concern is if the heel padding would last longer.

  31. I just bought mine today. It isn’t compatible with my ankle brace because of the heel counter. The fit is very good if you’re wearing just socks, though, or a thin ankle support. Otherwise, very good shoes! I’ll play in them next week and I’m excited. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR WIDE FOOTERS.

  32. Please, give me an advice. Can I use these shoes for lower and closer foot instep? (my endless problem). Will be sufficiently tightened? or they are more suitable for a wider foot?

  33. Dear Nightwing,

    as a big, strong guard whos game is all about going stron to the hoop what should i get? D Rose 6 primeknit (40% off regular price), D Rose 7 primeknit or Crazy Explosive?


  34. Just got a pair and they feel great, thanks for the review NW! I noticed the outsole is REALLY soft though, do you think this aspect of the shoe will only make them last for a short duration before the traction goes from “Beastly” to almost non-existent?

      1. Awesome to hear, thanks for the fast response! I’ll be playing indoors strictly in these, I was just worried after seeing Jahronmons review and seeing how frayed they got after only a few hours.

  35. I have a question about sizing because I have a foot that is oddly wide in the forefoot but more normally sized in the heel and midfoot. As a result, in the Kobe XI a size 10 is a perfect fit with a little room in the toe. But I am locked in at the heel and midfoot. I don’t have any discomfort in the forefoot from the pinky toe being practically crushed like I do in the 9.5. In the Rose 7 EM a 9 is a perfect fit width-wise with just a slight amount of space in the toe box. I’m getting the impression from the D Rose 7 and CE reviews that the CE is slightly wider. If so I am wondering if an 8.5 would be a better choice for me or a 9? The CE isn’t in stock at any stores I have called or researched so I may have to order it.

  36. Hey Nightwing,
    Been a pleasure watching all your content over the last several years, keep it up! I was just wondering, for you personally, if you HAD to pick between a model, would you go with the crazy explosives or the crazylight boost 2016s?

      1. There is a price difference, maybe PK version is just outta some peoples budget or they want a colorway the non-PK offers. I personally do not know how the non-PK versions play however, sorry Mighty727.

  37. Hi Nightwing 2303,
    I am looking for the perfect shoes !
    I trust you and I want you to give me your top 3 in order of preference, between the Crazy Explosive, D Rose 7 and D Rose 6. Knowing that the 3 models are in a Prime Knit . I want your personal opinion. With which you are the most comfortable to play ball. thank you

  38. Just purchased these online. Can’t wait for them to arrive! Like NW said, who cares what the shoes look like, if they feel good, that’s the important thing. I’d wear two bricks if they were the most comfortable thing in the world.

    Tried the D-rose 7 (non primeknit) and the crazylight boosts, they felt the same and i didn’t notice the boost at all.


  39. Any thoughts on if the solid rubber vs. the translucent provides better traction? Trying to decide if I want to go with the red colorway which I don’t like but are on sale or if I should pick up the new Wiggins white colorway which I think are slightly less ugly and will gladly pay more for if the traction is better with the solid sole.


  40. Hey Nightwing, which has a more plush cushioning setup? this or crazylight boost 2016?


    More power to you always

  41. How do you feel about the explosiveness of the shoe? I’m just don’t want the cushioning that you say is amaze to take away anything from my vertical. What do you think?

  42. Ive seen reviews on adidas.com that the traction wears out really quickly for this shoe whether its indoors or out, can anyone attest to this? The compound they use is flimsy it seems and if thats the case i ca’t justify spending 150 for this shoe. Any insight from those that own the shoe would be fantastic

  43. ^^ I got the shoe about a week after it released (green pk version), play indoors 2-3 times a week. Traction has went down drastically!!

  44. is there any chance to find a low version of these?or a mid one…i think this version won’t fit to the sport i do..(handball)

  45. Where do you cop the all white colorway? I saw them on Urban Outfitters, but I don’t trust them to buy basketball shoes.

    Great review by the way!

    I am so excited! I wish they had a low, I feel like high-tops weaken ankles.

    I need your opinion.

    I play guard combo, and can’t decide between kyrie 2, j crossover 2 or 3, kd 9, or these.

      1. I’m also thinking about any curry shoe, except one high, but I don’t want to be a bandwagon. I just want a good hoop shoe.

        What’s your favorite, low top, or high top with no support, that would be great.

    1. I’m also thinking about any curry shoe, except one high, but I don’t want to be a bandwagon. I just want a good hoop shoe.

      What’s your favorite, low top, or high top with no support, that would be great.

  46. Hey sorry im late on this. will i have a problem if these become like my go to shoe for basket ball as im worried about durability

  47. Hey can anyone who already use them a while tell me, how long will the outsole last playing just indor? Is there a point when outsole stop peeling? How do they react after the outsole wear down? Please let me know, I can not find any honest opinion , I mean I know it’s not a shoe for year to play in, but what’s the time , because most of people say that it

      1. txh for honest opinion 🙂 I was affraid that with this tranlucent outsole they will endue about 4 months…. guess 3 is pretty close …

        I think I’ll buy d rose 6 Primeknit- better durbility boost – similiar and most of people says You can play at least a year on them – outsole wise. CE- well as I expect few months . Sorry adidas it’s too expensive for just having fun for that time 🙁 Maybe we have to wait for continental rubber?

        BTW gosh, we could think the perfecy shoe only if they listen 🙂 but again- what they would sell for the next years , they would have to `come up with another tech 😀

  48. First of all, these shoes are incredible. Everything in this review is true. However, I have very weak ankles. The weight of this shoe is a deal breaker. For me, I can’t even wear converse Chuck Taylors anymore because the sole is so heavy, it beats up my ankles… So if you have weak ankles, rolled and torn multiple times, it will probably be a good idea to look for a lighter shoe. But please note, the ankle support is actually great. The weight is the only issue. Unfortunately for me, I will have to hang up these awesome shoes after only 6 games…

    Which shoe is the lightest Adidas shoe with the most boost?

  49. Thanks a lot for the review and all your reviews. I have a quick question for you – do you know if the Wiggins shoes are the exact same as this original crazy explosive? I just ask because I can’t find this one anywhere, only option is to buy the Wiggins. Please and thanks

  50. I got both neoprene and primeknit versions. The first time ive played with neoprene version, my big toenails were hurting.
    I went size 8.5us for CE. Has anyone experienced this?

    My main bball shoes were lillard 2s size 9us, but theres a bit too much toe room so i went 1/3 size for CE.

  51. is it ‘crazy’ to compare these to the lebron 14’s? i am a major lebron fan but i see that explosive’s performance is better. So is it a bad choice to go with the lebron’s rather than the crazy explosives? (i am a guard btw)

  52. Im a guard with a weak left knee. I tore my mcl and meniscus 2 years ago. Would this shoe be good for my knee? Thanks

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