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Converse Braces for the Fall/Winter with the Counter Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection

Converse has been finding so many new ways to make its product stretch year round. There have been rubberized versions of Chucks before and boot iterations. However, there hasn’t been anything quite like this: enter the new Converse Counter Climate Collection.

For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Long Beach, CA, and I did a fair bit of goofing around on a skateboard in my school days. So, moving to Ohio as a teenager was a shock for me.

The shoes in my daily rotation were Vans Classic Slip-Ons and Converse Chuck Taylors. I still love a pair of either of those shoes but once September rolled around, that was pretty much a wrap on sneakers until like late-March.

The younger version of myself appreciates this new fall/holiday Converse apparel and footwear collection. I think these are really interesting now too because of the subdued palettes at play with all of these sneakers.

Each model makes use of materials like water repellent rubber and waterproof neoprene to reinforce both the Chuck Taylor against the elements. Both the Chuck Taylor All Star II and Converse Jack Purcell Signature are included in the pack with rubber construction.

The All Star II features a transparent rubber overlay and the Jack Purcell utilizes a matte rubber upper with a thermo-regulating liner. All of these addition are aiming to keep your feet warm in dry as you head out into whatever the weather holds that day.

There are even some options for kids available in the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Storm. The youth model has a sticky rubber upper with a neoprene bootie for a snug fit. The Storm even has boot-like lacing with lace locks which makes them easy to get in and out of.

On the apparel side, the ladies get a Converse Rubber Poncho and dudes can look forward to a Converse Rubber Fishtail Jacket. (A probable must have for Lil Yachty fans). Both Jackets offer ample protection from rain with storm guards behind their zippers and moisture escape eyelets.

Converse is offering a bags with rubber construction. A backpack and duffel back feature rubber infused pockets to protect your stuff from moisture. All of these items will be available on August 25 at Converse retail stores and Converse.com.

Is anyone feeling these releases? Tell me what you like down below and if you have a pair of All Star IIs, let me know your impressions in the comments.

Converse Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection Converse Climate Collection

Converse Climate Collection

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  1. Nate the black/white ones are tough. I’m feeling the deep red myself. I always wear one size down with Chucks but my feet are pretty narrow

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