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Complex Goes Sneaker Shopping With Jimmy Butler

One of our favorite YouTube series videos is Sneaker Shopping. In it, host Joe LaPuma goes Sneaker Shopping with NBA players, NFL team owners, pop stars — whoever is making a splash. The latest to go sneaker shopping is Jimmy Butler. If you’ve never seen an episode, Complex takes these stars and drops them in a local spot to get opinions on shoes, music, competitors, and life. Some are classic, some are well edited, but all are generally interesting in some form or fashion.

This week we get Jimmy Butler, starting guard for “Your Chicaaaaaggoo Bulls!!” at legendary boutique Saint Alfred. This episode was a little awkward — why would Jimmy buy any shoes when all he has to do is dial Jordan Brand and get whatever he wants sent over? Well, he does come through in the end, copping three pairs of JB, but you can tell he is a little conflicted.

Still, the interview is one of the absolute best in the series, as Jimmy comes off honest and completely open. Check it out.

  1. I like how Jimmy said Retro models aren’t made for the court anymore when those 2s have more cushion in them than those Extra.Fly’s. And he’s been spotted rocking 13s on court a few times now.

    1. Is it fair to say that the retro 13’s might be the best JB performance bball sneaker to come out in the past year?

        1. The 13’s have forefoot and heel zoom though. Most of JB and Nike’s new shoes don’t even have that. Plus they have a pretty comfortable upper and great traction. I think there’s still a few retros that as long as corners aren’t being cut and they are made true to the original, are just as good or better than most of the shoes out now.

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