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Canvas Spray Paint Sneaker Art by Kevin Garcia

A young sneaker enthusiast by the name of Kevin Garcia had contacted me asking me if I was interested in any art pieces.

I get asked these types of things all the time and sometimes I like what I see and other times I don’t… this happened to be a time where I really liked what I saw so I bought a couple from him. Kevin makes canvas sneaker art but with a twist, he uses spray paint… graffiti style. I’m a fan of graffiti art so when you mix them all together it ends up looking great.

If you want a detailed look at what Kevin does then hit the jump and view the video. If you like what you see then you can contact Kevin at kevgar10@yahoo.com or hit him up on Instagram @kevgar10. Prices are reasonable as well; $30 for thin canvas and $40 for thick canvas.

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