Does Reebok Have Plans to Bring Back the All-Star Edition Reebok Question?

All long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It was actually in the year 2000, but still, 15 years is a fairly long time. The NBA All-Star game was held here, in the Bay Area, and the best players in the league played in Oakland. You guys might remember that one Dunk Contest; the one at which Vince Carter amazed everyone in attendance — and those watching at home — with his high-flying acrobatics. Yeah, that was here, in The Bay.

Allen Iverson was on the Eastern Conference roster and had a special pair of Reebok Questions made up specifically for that game. They paid homage to the Golden State Warriors’ classic colors of blue and yellow. While I don’t remember seeing him actually wear them on-court, the shoe released and did decently at retail. They saw a retro release later on and sat for a while but eventually sold out.

It looks as if Reebok may re-introduce the classic as they have some production samples in place. These could very well be old promo samples of the shoe since there is no production date listed on the tag, but it’s sitting alongside some more recent variations of the shoe — including the upcoming prototype version of the shoe — so it looks like another release is pending.

With the current success of the Golden State Warriors it might not be a bad idea to drop the shoe one more time and see if all these new Dubs “fans” remember things the way I do.
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  1. My old ones broke, so I need new ones, Reebok should always have 2-3 colorways of the Question active IMO, it’s a shoe both fashionable, but also still useful on the court, especially for bigger-players.

  2. Last place on earth that had these were PYS. I bought my pair there a size 11 because at the time every pair of overdone I had ran big but these run TTS and yeas I drooled over them for a few months then went to hoop I. Them and ouch my feet were killing me so off to eBay they went and sold above what I paid so now even more this CW will blast off and the GSW stay UNDFTD

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