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Brandblack Unveils its Upcoming Yellow Winter Collection

Brandblack recently unveiled its upcoming Yellow Winter 2019 Collection.

While most of us are anticipating a full first look at the Brandblack Rare Metal 2, the brand has recently unveiled its upcoming FW19 Yellow Winter collection.

Yellow Winter marks a new and exciting direction for the brand through the use of an unexpected palette that juxtaposes soft colors with masculine silhouettes, treats traditional floral patterns as a winter concept and envisions performance outdoor footwear through a fashion lens creating something that is equally unique as it is functional.

The shoe shown on the model below is the Brandblack Saga. A chunky running inspired silhouette with an abundant amount of cushion sitting atop a Vibram rubber outsole. Premium materials with plenty of color options is currently available for a retail price of $220.

I cannot remember the name of the slides, but I have a couple of pairs and they’re also a well-cushioned “shoe” with a premium forefoot strap.

We have some of Brandblack’s new models in-hand so if you wanted a detailed look and review on Brandblack’s current lineup then feel free to let me know below in the comment section.

If you were interested in checking out anything Brandblack currently has to offer then head over to Brandblack.com.

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  1. Would be nice to have a review specially for the Kite racers. I have a couple of Brandblack and in my opinion their sizing is all over the place. (Some tts, some huge) love your channel! Keep up the awesomeness

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