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BrandBlack J Crossover III (3) Goes Premium

The BrandBlack J Crossover III was unveiled earlier this week, and today we have a look at a potential premium version of the shoe.

This is to be considered as more of a luxe SE version of the shoe that showcases premium details and materials. The very first pair of Crossover III’s I received to wear-test had really premium leather used that wasn’t the best for on-court action – just wasn’t supportive enough. If these end up releasing they’ll likely be on the limited side and might even come with a price increase. But you can’t discredit the fact that shoes just look better when done in leather with overlay panels. Something about that part of sneaker manufacturing has gotten lost in the mix which makes every shoe that drops look nearly the same no matter the brand attached.

If you like to be different and stand out from the crowd, stay tuned for updates on this version of the J Crossover III once we have more details.

BrandBlack J Crossover III (3) Goes Premium
Via @BrandBlack


    1. Curious, what do you currently use for work? I’m always looking work shoes that are comfortable and look decent.

      1. Monday – Thursday:

        Brandblack JC2 (Black/”Dark Navy”)
        Nike Free Orbit II SP
        Nike Free Hypervenom Mid
        Nike Free Hypervenom Mid QS
        Nike Lunar Terra Arktos
        Nike Lebron 12 NSW Lifestyle PRM QS
        Nike KD VII NSW Lifestyle PRM QS
        Adidas D Rose Lakeshore Boost
        Adidas D Rose 773 Lux

        Fridays: Whatever’s left

        1. Nice rotation. For me its either the Air Jordan 1 mids black out our the XX9 black outs. Both are way comfier than a traditional dress shoe.

          1. Yeah, the XX9’s are excellent and the AJ1s durability is often overlooked. Its my go to most of the time.

          2. Hmm, interesting, AJ 1s are a good idea as I was actually thinking about trying a pair of the blacked out versions of the Air Jordan 1 lows. I have read that the traction is very good on them, but have also read that the cushioning isn’t the greatest.

            If I grab a pair of Air Jordan 1s, how do you think the cushioning feel if you’re on your feet moving 8+ hours a day? Should I be looking at changing the insole to a more cushioned one if I get a pair?

        2. Thanks for the reply, James. I didn’t actually see this when you originally posted it, just reading it now for the first time.

          Are you allowed to wear any colour shoes at work? Mine have to be black, which is what makes it hard to find something decent. I also don’t need/want much ventilation as I work in a cold, damp environment. I might be able to get away with a little bit of colour (5% or so), and that colour also has to be a darker colour, but yeah, they have to be pretty much 90-95% black.

          I was wearing some Nike T-Lite 8 Trainers, but I’ve ripped the outsole up on those and have had to re-glue it numerous times. I have pretty much given up on constantly gluing them. The upper is fine and the phylon midsole was comfortable, but the outsole traction pattern is segmented and not one whole piece which seems to affect the durability greatly.

          I got a pair of cheap Nike Air Monarchs to wear for now until I find something better, but I don’t really like them at all. I want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  1. Just realized how much the toe looks like those S dot Carter Gucci rip offs.

    Think I’ll need a woven one

  2. I’m really curious to see what they would look like without the shroud cause I’m not feeling it with the shroud.

    1. You warm up to the shroud. I’ve had the JC3 in a few different iterations over the past 6 or so months – all without the shroud. Now that I have the mid and low with shrouds I can’t take them off. They’re so weird yet stylish. They almost look plain without the shroud. Plus they’re one of the most comfortable shoes I own other than the boost products I have so I alternate between mid and low casually all the time.

      1. I guess I’ll just have to wait for a detailed review from you. Looking forward to that! I’ll still cop ’em either way though.

  3. Nike Hyperchase goes “Premium”= sparkles and colored strings

    BrandBlack JC3 goes premium= full on extremely nice leather

  4. Nightwing,is the JC3 leather version you tested almost similar to the leather used in Force Vector with JC2 tooling? If it is, can we assume the Force Vector leather wouldnt be supportive enough either?

    1. I don’t have a pair of the FV Premiums, but I wouldn’t assume anything. They were made to play in. The pair of JC3 samples I had were meant to be wear-tested to see if they could be played in.

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