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BrandBlack J Crossover III (3) – First Look

Our first look at the upcoming BrandBlack J.Crossover III is of the traction. BrandBlack is sticking with the horizontal blade traction, but doing away with the signature blue bottoms and replacing it with bold branding. This may or may not be limited to this colorway; we will just have to wait and see. Also noticeable is the shank plate, which is not exposed on this model. It will be under the rubber. As this is only a wear-test sample, much can change between now and when the shoe releases.

One thing I would like to see is a protective piece on the toe. Playing in the first two shoes from BrandBlack has been nothing short of awesome, but as a guard, I drag my toes on crossovers and stops which causes the toe of the Jetlon midsole to be worn away. With Nightwing2303 currently testing the shoe on court and providing his feedback, we can be sure that come release time, the BrandBlack J.Crossover III will be Nightwing and WearTesters approved.

Stay tuned to WearTesters for any upcoming looks at the J.Crossover III. Let us know in the comments what you think of the sneakers so far.
brandblack jc3 traction


  1. It’d be great if that was the glow effect and they still kept blue. The blue bottom is really a great idea and it looked good on every shoe.

  2. I agree. The blue bottoms are among the many things I like about BB shoes. Nike has the swoosh, Brandblack blue bottoms. I also agree with some protection on the toe area. I love the toe cap on the Soldier 9.

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