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Air Jordan XX9 Black/ Black- White



This is for the ballers who like to be stealthy on court.

Besides the branding, every aspect of this Air Jordan XX9 colorway is black. You would have to imagine that this is a colorway that Kawhi Leonard would wear as it matches the Spurs simple color scheme. Elephant print is used on this colorway, albeit black for a a very toned down look, but overall simplicity is the main attraction for this colorway of the XX9.

The Air Jordan XX9 ‘Black/Black-White’ has a rumored release date of December 6th, so stay tuned to WearTesters.com  for any upcoming information as we move closer to this holiday season.







  1. I love all black sneakers, but it’s hard to justify spending 225 on sneakers that no one will notice b/c of the color scheme lol.

  2. Nice. I think a translucent sole like the Team Orange colorway has would have made these an instant cop for me. They’re still really nice. But I think that would have put it over the top.

  3. This is my favorite (next to the kawhi leonard colorway) of the xx9. But I just can’t bring myself to pay so much for a shoe.

  4. Very clean color way. I’ll be waiting for these to allow coupon codes though. I can’t do it at 225. I just can’t mentally. Lol!

  5. People saying hard to justify paying 225 for a shoe no one will notice, just stupid. You tryna win a fashion show or get a good performing shoe?

    1. Agree with this comment. I don’t buy shoes made for performance just to be fashionable. I just won’t pay 225 for a shoe period. Broke the 200 barrier once and won’t do it again for a long time.

    2. You should really look into your own statement because MJ himself was a very stylish man and wanted his brand built on performance AND style.

      You can get a “good performing shoe” blacked out in some team model for over a hundred less, but this is the signature Jordan here. At the end of the day aesthetics don’t really matter, so why are you even looking at Jordans for what they’re priced at? There are plenty of great performance options under $225 with expressive style(color).

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