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askNightwing #1

I wasn’t sure if I would post the askNightwing videos here on WearTesters, but those of you that had left comments about it in the comment section were interested so… here you go. This is the first of hopefully many, and I hope you all enjoy.

Just a laid back atmosphere where you ask and I answer. Thanks for watching!

    1. He literally just said in the video he will not pick a shoe for you, he provides the information for you to make the decision yourself.

  1. Your made up shoe sounds awesome (performance beast). Mine would have to be phylite midsole with full length zoom (double stacked like the Air Jordan 2010, the HyperRevs, or the Air Jordan XII), separated toe like the Air Jordan 2010. Asymmetrical mid cut (Once again like the Air Jordan 2010). The top should be tumbled leather, and traction should be amazing and be story based (like the CP3 VI).

  2. NW, do you wear any shoes besides sneakers? And if you do, what are your favorite non-sneaker/non-athletic shoes?

  3. Think this segment would work really well as a Google Hangout (maybe bring in guests like Jahronmon, Foamer, KG?) or a live stream

    1. If I brought in people it wouldn’t be askNightwing, it’d be ThePanel lol. I thought about doing it live but then you run the risk of not enough people watching to ask questions, this way you can ask and then I can answer when I have time during the week.

      1. LOL totally forgot about ThePanel. Makes sense on a numbers part for doing it live. Maybe a mixture of email questions and people that watch questions could work.

  4. lol. So they take the time to ask you why you haven’t done a performance review on a shoe. Then they realize you already DID do a performance review on that shoe. But they still send the email? They must really like sending emails

    That was cool to hear how involved you were with the Brandblack shoe. Hopefully they will release so we can all see what they’re like.

    Forgotten review…. 361 Loves? And1 Tai Chi? k1x Anti Gravity? Li-Ning Devil? Thedr34m?

    1. Def forgot about the Devil but the rest werent forgotten, I either haven’t played in them yet or can’t play in them for various physical reasons. I did review the Anti Gravity though, solid shoe on-court.

      1. Thanks for the info. Totally didn’t remember the Anti Gravity review and I guess I didn’t go back far enough looking.

  5. Nightwing, is it possible to use Puremotion as the outsole and Boost as the midsole? How do you think will it perform?

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