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Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2 Performance Review

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

Much like the performance review for the Nike Zoom Run The One, the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2 doesn’t quite need a full breakdown since most of the shoe is identical to the original version. So, with that being said… below are the two changes made between the Spawn and Spawn 2 along with their score card. You can always head over to the Spawn 1 or Spawn 1 Low performance reviews to check out their score cards for comparison.

Tooling between the two is exactly the same. In case you were unaware, the tooling of a shoe consists of the outsole and midsole… nothing has changed here. Traction is solid (indoors) and cushion is Micro G… which is code for amazing. Now, the materials have been upgraded a little. Instead of Fuse, UA has utilized a synthetic that mimics skin. Sounds a little creepy, but hey, its almost Halloween so it fits. With the new material, you won’t have any hot spots and it keeps the foot contained without losing structure or support. It’s also much more durable than the original which featured a lot of mesh. The down side of that is that ventilation took a huge hit. I loved the air flow you received in the original Spawn… you could literally feel the air flowing through the shoe and I enjoyed the a/c. However, I didn’t receive any blisters so I don’t personally think it was a huge drawback… but it does get noticeably moist within the shoe. Everything else is exactly the same… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, they’re available now at FinishLine.com.

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2 Performance Review Score

  1. just wondering do you prefer these Spawn 2s or the Spawn 1 Lows… you had the lows as your #1 shoe mid-year. Does this change things now?

    1. They aren’t different enough from one another to make that change, you can play in any of the versions and receive the same thing. I only choose lows because I prefer lows.

  2. Speaking of wearing lows…. what type of no-show socks do you guys wear? I’ve tried finishline’s store brand and basic Nike’s. The finishline ones are OK but they fit a bit sloppily. The Nike’s are a little rough and thin and tend to rub my heel in a way that results in increased chances of blisters.

    1. I found a pack of no show DriFit Nike with extra heel and forefoot and foot specific. Fall right under my ankle and foot fit is perfect. Can’t find them anywhere anymore at all. Everything is Elite/quarters now.

        1. Try GoldToe Brand’s Cushioned No-Shows or Premiers. There’s also their sports specific brand PowerSox. You can’t go wrong with either of those dude.

    1. Because I like variety. I dont always want to wear high Nike elites. I also come from a generation that predominantly didn’t wear high socks. So wearing no-shows can be nice sometimes. Especially since I have short legs.

  3. I was waiting for your very informative review about these Nightwing. Great work! Personally i think that it’s a well constructed shoe but the only drawback for me is that UA’s shoes in Europe are not so popular that’s why you cant’ find them in stores in order to try them on. However, the Spawns 2 are an upgrade from the previous model.

  4. Really like the way you do your reviews. Also the bar you put in the bottom left corner with key points is a really nice addition. Great job. Thanks for doing thsee vids.

  5. I really wish these things would have had a more durable outsole.

    I would love to get a pair, but the outsole would probably rip up pretty quickly outdoors. Has anyone here worn either the Spawn 1 or Spawn 1 lows outdoors? If so, did they hold up long at all?

  6. Nightwing why’d u rate the 1s higjer than the 2nd? In conclusion the 1s are better than thw 2nd, is that right?

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