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APL Vision Low Performance Review

The APL Vision Low is just like the Concept 3, only lower. Both are solid on-court options for those looking to expand their horizons in terms of brand name performance footwear, it just comes down to your personal preference as far as their collar high; high or low?

Does the Load ‘N Launch technology give you a boost in your bounce? Not for me… and I could really use it. However, it could be due to my natural inability to leap properly – yes, there are proper techniques to leaping higher but that doesn’t guarantee that your vertical will automatically increase with proper technique. If you wanted more detailed information then you can head over to the APL Concept 3 Performance Review in case you missed it.

I would rank the Vision Low’s scores exactly the same as the Concept 3; both are very well-rounded performers. If you have any questions that were not covered in either APL performance review then feel free to ask below in the comment section and I’ll do my best to get back to you. If you were interested in trying the Vision Low out for yourself then you can grab a pair HERE.

  1. Hey nightwing,
    Do you think or could you imagine Jordan Brand making a lowtop version of the 29 or superfly3? I think a low cut shoe with the flightplate would be amazing

    1. That would be freaking amazing in fact I’ve done a couple concepts on a xx8 low superfly 2 low an a melo m10 low but I’m still working on a xx9 low

  2. when will the soldier 8 review be up? i saw the first-look video but i want to know how it feels on-feet.

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