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Andrew Wiggins – Air Jordan 8 ‘Playoffs’

While there has been no official announcement as to the Andrew Wiggins shoe deal, he has been spotted wearing a pair of Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs.” So, is the announcement coming soon? Has Jordan Brand signed the top 2 picks in yesterday’s NBA draft? Jabari Parker already signed with Jordan Brand, so why not get Wiggins too?



  1. As a Cavs fan taking a look down memory lane. I still wonder, would things be a lot different, or a little different, during or even after, those 4 straight finals against Warriors if Wiggins wasn’t dealt for Kevin Love? I will always have a place in my heart for K. Love, people tend to forget after Lebron’s Block, and Kyrie’s 3. It was Love who got his clutches on Curry with his greatest 1on1 defense he’s ever played. Not to mention, against one of the quickest guards ever, preventing him from getting off a clean look to keep Warriors alive. I will always cherish those memories. But, would Cavs at least won 2 of those 4 with Wiggins? Love wasn’t even available in the first finals matchup along with Kyrie after game 1, and some would argue (me included) that the 2015 matchup was way closer than the 4-2 final showed, and I believe Wiggins being around Lebron would’ve helped him develop quicker, instead of wasting in Minnesota, thus Lebron would’ve had more help in 15 finals. All this and superficially, Wiggins just looks sweet in those Wine and Gold uniforms, and #21 hasn’t looked tht good on a Cavs player since Gerald Wilkins. In the end, I still wouldn’t change anything, coming back down 3-1 for the first time ever was ultimately satisfying, plus I’m aware of the butterfly effect ?. And tht ONE change may have given KD? that push to not Choke in 16 western finals, and then who knows what history would hold! ?

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