An Official Look at the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019

An official look at the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 — the brand’s next basketball shoe from its Brooklyn Farm.

Following the design language of its predecessors, the new Pro Bounce Madness shows adidas has no plans of slowing down in 2019.

The silhouette sports a straightforward aesthetic that features full-on knit with a possible independent tongue displaying the ‘11222’ zip code to represent adidas’ Brooklyn Farm. This high top also features a molded collar like the adidas Marquee Boost but not quite as aggressive as its brand sibling.

Like the upcoming Dame 5, a TPU midfoot overlay is plugged in for lateral support but this time, it resembles the now infamous Pizza Hut logo shape we saw on the adidas N3XT L3V3L.

As the name implies, the midsole features Bounce cushioning throughout and this particular colorway has gotten detailing with graphics. Right on schedule, the Pro Bounce Madness features herringbone throughout the outsole with zoned coverage for lateral movements. Here, the rubber is translucent, showing off more of the midsole graphic.

Release information has not been made official, but expect these to release in Q1. Given the name and colorways that have been spotted sporting adidas-sponsored NCAA programs branding, we can expect these to begin dropping around collegiate basketball postseason.

Are you digging the new adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 or does it look like too much of what we have already seen recently? We’d love to know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Images via US11/adidas


  1. Looks like a mashup of the Pro Bounce/Marquee upper with the Dame 5 Bounce midsole and lateral support plastic. I like them though.

  2. I think they’re fresh. The problem I had with the Pro Bounces was the stitching on the forefoot rubbed my right ring toe raw and left a blister. It seems that same stitching is not there. I like this mashup a lot. I think it takes the best attributes from each shoe and put it in this new one. I know people love Boost as I also do but I prefer to play in Bounce midsole kicks.

  3. This looks way too similiar to the dame. Why would anyone buy this over that shoe? Its probably only gonna be 10-15 bucks less than that, not a huge difference in price. Just a strange release.

  4. I’ve been digging the design language that adidas has been using on their baskeball shoes lately. They seem to be going with function over design with all their shoes, both signature and team models. Traction across all shoes are no nonsense which I dig. 2019 is looking to be a strong start for the brand.

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