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Air Jordan XX9 – Release Info UPDATE

UPDATE: There has been a change to the Jordan Brand release calendar. Both of these colorways of the Air Jordan XX9 will now be releasing on September 6th for $225. Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for any upcoming news on the Air Jordan XX9.

Air Jordan XX9 - Release Info 1

  1. That stings…BADLY!
    I was looking forward to the spilt release of the breds on the Sept. 3rd Wednesday release. Now the lines will be longer for people who want either or. Not to mention that now that Saturday will have the kids out of school and people who have off to compete as well.

    These will sell out that Saturday, both pairs too.

    1. Dime slinger I hear you this was a hype move by JB but u need to fight the hype, fight it by calling the ugly af because these shoes are ugly af . . . . (Wink)

  2. Not happy agree with dime slinger This is bullshit I wanted the breds on the 3rd way less traffic that day would have been but with both on same day and on weekend the fuckers who use bots will snag them all up. Ridiculous.

  3. Local NikeTown told me they are trying to pull the release up Labor day weekend so they can get more people to buy these as part of back to school. Not sure if we’ll really see another release change or if this was the best they could do.

  4. I love almost everything about this shoe but im a little bit worried about the traction, the pattern looks like it might not work and the rubber doesnt look too pliable either. Im also afriad that the translucent outsole on the black and orange pair might not work very well. Anyone have any thoughts or inside imformation on it?

    1. Thats been my main concern as well. I asked the guys at JB about it and the ones that have been hooping in them say the traction is awesome. However, they hoop on clean floors so I’m curious to see how they play on average floors.

      1. Thanks for responding Chris, and yeah it should be interesting to see how well it works. I would hope that if they are putting it on one of their premier models that it works great but honestly anything worse than the xx8’s traction will be disappointing. Keep up the great work and I look forward to all of you’re upcoming reviews.

        1. Btw I made two different usernames on here on accident so thats why I said thanks for responding when the usernames are different

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