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Air Jordan XX9 Performance Review with MrFoamerSimpson

The Air Jordan XX9 is one week away from it’s release and it’s time to start knowing the facts behind their performance. Check out MrFoamerSimpson’s performance review on the latest model within the Air Jordan legacy and see if they have what you need. Let us know if you’re excited for the shoes to release as well or if there is another on-court performer you’re eagerly anticipating.

  1. Nice review I really like the shoe haha this shoe will cost thousands of peso here in the Philippines haha hoping to get a pair

    1. will probably cost as much as a KObe 9 high top, they’re both 225 $ in the US i remember the Kobe 9 Elite here was about 10k

    1. what did you expect? If he didn’t, you think he or any of these sneaker reviewers will get free stuff and to ball in MJ’s crib? These reviews are just commercials nowadays.

      1. I expected a 4.5, that’s usually what he rates the shoes he likes, also he doesn’t get those experiences because he rates a shoe very high its because he’s dedicated .

      1. Oh ok, guess I’ll just have to be patience. Can you say yet how the traction stacks up against the Kobe 9 or XX8? Or should I just wait for the review?

  2. First time seeing a review from MrFoamerSimpson. He does a good job.

    I like both of the main colorways I’ve seen (this one and the one with the huge jumpman on it) but I hope they release something similar to Mark Smith’s One of One Edition. That thing might be worth the $225 for me.

    On a semi-related topic…. those socks are terrible.

  3. Seeing these new shoes with the latest tech makes me wonder how much better Mr. Jordan would have been if he had them in his prime. Especially since he won dunk contests and MVP awards in what many people would consider casual/lifestyle shoes. Kinda scary. The same could be said about guys like Dominique.

    1. Jordan would be the same exact player. The only these shoes would do for him is perhaps slightly extend the longevity of his feet and legs.

      1. I think this is something to consider. I think newer shoes could help him with those things you mentioned and also slightly help him performance wise on the court, but no, I don’t think they’d raise his game to another level or anything like that.

    2. The shoes would make a big difference. The weight reduction, lockdown, and traction would boost his game significantly.

      Guys like Wilt back in the days used to play in chuck taylors!

    3. I’m not saying it would make a huge difference but I think they would help him jump a little higher, run a little faster, make more precision cuts/stops, etc… Also the thought that Bill Russell and Wilt did all of those things basically in Converse All Stars is amazing to me.

      Jordan would be Jordan no matter the shoes he wore. Retros, flip flips, the latest tech, baseball cleats. Well….. Maybe not baseball cleats.

      1. I think it has already been said here before that even though the weight of the shoe can be felt by holding it and walking, the jumping mechanic and force would easily neglect the reduction of weight. I mean lets put it this way. Play in chucks and play on whatever is the best bball shoe for you. You’d probably perform the same except for some mental issues of having a chuck on your feet. But for professionals I dont think they mind whatever is on their feet unless they slide all over.

  4. I think pro ball players now are a bunch of whiny sissy boys who complain too much. You never saw magic sau OW OW OW I got a cramp in a playoff game…jordan never said ow I got a tummy ache at the 11th hour. Pete Maravich didnt complain about how little he was getting paid and that dude NEVER scored under 40 points wehenever he played…like EVER..That dude played pro ball for 10 hard years in low top chucks ya’ll.. When Kobe or lebron can do THAT. Then the argument is over…oh yea..Pete did it all in non air conditioned crap courts from the 70’s..I miss those old school guys that werte just straight out badasses…could you imagine barkley or rodman flopping?

    1. I agree with almost all of this. Not everything though. First Kobe is one tough SOB (Lebron’s a b!tch). Second Rodman flopped. He was selective when he did it (mostly to get under peoples skin) but he flopped regularly. He was also a beast and stood toe to toe with much bigger guys like Shaq in his prime. If you want proof just look at some of his interactions with Karl Malone. They’re hilarious.

    1. Just one Q, how do you think they would make an SE of this?

      There’s no outer sleeve to remove… What? are they going to remover the upper and just leave the seams & laces?

          1. Good answer to what appeared to be a smarta** question from the other poster. I was thinking the same thing. Change the upper, keep the tech otherwise, and keep the label of being a Jordan sig.5 or slight “take down”.

          2. Design-wise, the superfly 3 looks like a different shoe while having similar tech. It doesn’t have the bridge on the outsole but rather, it appears to be like any other shoe with a full body outsole resembling that of last year’s model (not sure what this does for performance if anything). It also has the upper that reminds you of the kobe 7 with the ridges. I believe that there are no smooth uppers seen to date although that could change (I could be wrong but I can’t remember any).

            I believe that the point that’s being made is that maybe there could be a shoe made without the woven upper that more resembles the original model than the Super.Fly 3 does. I think that’s a fair point. Yes, the Super.Fly 3 will be available and is similar but 1) It will not be known as a Jordan XX9 anything (doesn’t matter to me at all as I do not buy into collecting shoes for the numbering purpose personally) 2) If there are no “smooth” uppers, it could be more difficult in some people’s eyes to wear casually 3) I wonder if the foams used in both models will be different or the same especially as it pertains to the heel.

            I think that these are fair points for some people. Again, I don’t mind too much either way but I would like for there to be a “smooth” upper that could, in my opinion, be worn more casually off court if I wanted to or to work since I can wear sneakers to work with polos and jeans. I find myself wearing the Wades to work most nights.

    1. Its most likely Phylon, I don’t think they’re going to use any “real” tech, but I think it should provide adequate cushioning, at least for me.

  5. Nice review from Foamie. Just a random question, Nightwing. What is your reaction on the leaked footage on Deadpool? I know that footage was shown months ago, but I just wanted to know your reaction.

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