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Air Jordan Future Premium ‘Dark Chocolate’ – Release Information

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-4

The Air Jordan Future gets a ‘Dark Chocolate’ colorway in a premium release.

First things first, its not made of actual chocolate. But the leather used on the upper is extremely smooth, hence the premium label. A white midsole retains the classic look of the Jordan XI that the Jordan Future is inspired from, and the translucent gum outsole is extremely clean. A suede tongue is featured for another layer of lifestyle comfort that compliments the premium leather used on the upper.  All this calls for a geafty price tag of $375, but hopefully the quality and craftsmanship is worthy of the retail price.

The Air Jordan Future Premium ‘Dark Chocolate’ is set to release on Saturday, October 28th – 8AM EDT, at Nike.com.

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-2

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-3

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-7

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-5

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-6

Air Jordan Future Premium 'Dark Chocolate' - Release Information-1

Via Nike

  1. Nike/Jordan are amazing with scrambling minds like freaking Jedi’s and building crazy amounts of hype. It will sell out. It will fetch $500+ on ebay. Then it will be forgotten until they do a restock. Then you will see some random rich hipster who’s never played a game of basketball in their life post pictures on instagram and you’ll think “Wow. That person spends their money on some dumb ass crap.” And then the cycle will repeat on the next overpriced POS

    1. Very very true. The sad part however is that the people who will don’t realize what they do to everyone else. That’s the attitude associated with many things such as something that I love alot…technology. The truth is though that the people who will struggle to pay these kinds of prices screw everyone who loves shoes because now, the company will see that as an excuse to raise prices on the lower tier shoes as well. Some wouldn’t see it that way but in many cases, that association can in fact be argued in a meeting room.

      “If they will pay 400 for X because of A, B, C then of course they’ll “ONLY” pay 250 for Y.”

  2. gum is nice and all that, and the leather can be all of the smooth, but i won’t pay 375 for a pair of futures, when i can get a pair of performance beasts or even some DS retros for the same or much lower price! even collabs and limited editions that are far better than this ar way cheaper! fuck that JB

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