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Air Jordan 8.0 Performance Review

Here is the Performance Review for the Air Jordan 8.0. I did make a mistake as far as the material inside the shoe goes, the inner boot is not Neoprene on the OG & Retro AJVIII… its pretty much all the same material from OG to AJ8.0.

I liked the shoe overall. Best for power players and high fliers. Guards that travel without the ball and roam around the perimeter would be a good fit as well. PG’s or aggressive scorers may want to look for another option.

Traction- 9
Cushion- 10
Material- 8
Fit- 9
Ventilation- 0
Overall score 7.2/10

Thanks for the support!!!

  1. Do you remember if your feet sweat playing in them and is the cushioning system for this shoe better than the fly wade 2?

    1. I rated them for ventilation so your answer is already available for you. Compare the ratings between shoes or you can check the top 5 performance shoes of 2011 video.

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