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Air Jordan 3 Retro – Detailed Look & Review

The Air Jordan 3 Retro in Sport Blue sold out pretty quickly online, but if you were to search your local stores then you’d likely see some pairs still hanging around.

This pair was purchased at SneakerCrew on a pre-order while I was able to grab a second pair when I went to a local mall and just happened to see them sitting on the shelf. Great craftsmanship on the pairs I received, materials could be better though. However, the iconic look and Nightwing-esque colorway made them a must have for me… as you guys already know since I’ve been yearning for all of August’s Sport Blue releases.

Were you able to grab a pair; If so, online or in-store and was it an easy purchase?

  1. These were the wrong shoes to sleep on. I thought I could mosey on in that Saturday afternoon after how I saw the Wolf Grey IIIs sit, but nope. I called and looked at all of my surrounding Foot Locker, Champs, and Foot Action locations. People copped these with the fury! That blue looks more modest than I had first thought. I mean I thought they would be brighter and they were better than I thought by not being too bright.

    This is not a game to be sleeping on. Nike/JB knows how to pull our strings like no other sporting company SMH

    1. If you didn’t get them, don’t feel bad. I won’t regret not getting these… the leather looks like plastic.

  2. dick grayson would proudly rock these..(json todd is better) But….I went to pick these up and the toe rand was a different shade of gray than the heel threw me way off so i passed..

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