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Air Jordan 14 Retro ‘Black Toe’ 2014 – Detailed Look & Review

The Black Toe Air Jordan 14 is finally back, and this time around they are pretty close to original form. If you’re on the fence about picking up a pair, maybe this detailed look & review will help sway your decision one way or the other. Check it out and share your stories of your favorite J’s below in the comment section.

  1. ok nw, my comp crashed and my android won’t play the vid. 2 questions. are the “teeth” pearly and are the tires that Crap they used inn the ’11 last shots? those are kinda bad quality shoes.

  2. Hey Chris, the red portion you spoke of on the heel (you weren’t sure if it was on the original) is on the original, although I think I remember it being a darker red, like maroon. I think I remember the originals almost having memory foam padding inside, is that still there, or am I not remembering it correctly? I also remember loving the vents, I am bummed on the retros that the foam is more of a shiny look. Hopefully the “teeth” last longer on these than they did on the originals. I will say I am just like you, I have to get them for the memories (I remember what gym in high school I was in when I first played in them, I remember the first person I saw playing in them before I got them), now they just need to bring back the Inidglo 14’s. I worked at Champs Sports back in high school (when they got the best Jordan’s) and I had access to them before anyone else, man these bring back sweet memories. Do you remember when Champ’s used to display their Jordan’s before they released? I am intrigued to see if you remember that!

    1. Thats what I was told, couldnt remember since its been so long lol. I dont think these have memory foam, doubt the OG did either but the interior was a little softer due to the lining fabric. Either way, they cut up my ankles no matter what lol. I sure as hell do remember Champs displaying them early. I use to be the biggest window shopper of all time… Eastybay magazines and trying shoes on (without being able to afford them to purchase) was how I learned about all the tech back in the day. I was so curious as to how diff cushions felt.

      1. Yeah I guess memory foam would be going to far in a shoe. I used to try on a lot of shoes myself when I was younger, but not be able to purchase them for the same reason as yourself. I still remember seeing the Jordan 11 playoffs just sitting there on the wall and being so mad I couldn’t buy them, man, imagine buying them for $125??? My dad only bought me 1 pair of Jordan’s, (prior to that it was like pulling teeth to even get a $20 pair of Voit shoes at Ames, haha) as they were on sale, the Jordan 7s (black and red). I am not sure if I was more excited to get the shoes, or the box they came in, LOL. The shoe I remember the most being displayed prior to release at Champs were the Jordan 12s, Taxi, man o man I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those. I miss the smell of the old Jordan’s….my family still makes fun of me to this day that I could tell whether a Jordan was fake or not by the smell, lol

  3. On a side note- I do feel bad for the kids that didn’t get a chance to grow up when you and I did, getting to see Jordan play on TV live (if you were lucky, my parents woudl wake me up from bed if he was on TV), and seeing the originals release at the shoe stores and the hype behind them, I saw the most hype start when the Jordan 13s released (White/Black ones). I worked at Champs then and still couldn’t get a pair, I had that day off (release day), came in to get them, and a customer got them. You know how mad I was….

  4. That music gets me everytime and the accouncer “ANNNNNNNNNNNND NOWWWWWWWWWW FROM NORTH CAROLINA” Done, can’t wait to be back in Grant parker IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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