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Air Jordan 13 Retro Black/ Red – Detailed Look

We have another detailed look at the upcoming Air Jordan 13 Retro in an alternate Black/ Red colorway that just doesn’t look as good as the original.

Leather quality and build all look great but I personally prefer the Playoff or original Black/ Red 13’s. Something else that I’m not too fond of with the latest batch of 13’s is the missing suede on the midsole… where did it go? I thought we were supposed to bring things back to basics and get the line back on track to what it once was. This was something I noticed on the upcoming Grey Toe colorway and hoped it was just because we were looking at the GS/ Kids size, but it looks as if that’ll be the same look that’s featured on the Men’s pairs as well.


Not a bad look, but they’ve done better in the past and I think it’ll be hard for them to top the greatness they’ve already achieved. I’d like to see some new colorways that stray far away from the Chicago days… but not another misshape like the Squadron Blue. Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more updates. Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 1 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 2 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 3.1 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 3 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 4 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 5 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Red - Detailed Look 6


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  1. NW…I 100% agree with everyrthing you stated above bro…Where is this “Remastered” crap there preachin for the future?….Im startin to think its all bullsh….!!.. Honestly the only shoe ive seen and im personally waiting for is the AJX “Chicagos” (Im sure you are aswell) that are supposed to be a “Remastered” edition?..everything on that seems to be like the OG EXCEPT the black midsole was ALOT thicker (If you have the original then you know what im talking about..”any colorway”), and the shape seems to be off a bit especially the toe-box. To be honest bro, every “Remastered” shoe theve leaked pics of not 1 has the OG shape that its supposed to have? Maybe im just bein bein picky?…IDK?.. you know aswell as I exactly what to look for when compairing a Retro vs OGs and I get P.O.d when a Retro is made like crap. I mean these are supposed to be JORDANS for xrist sake “Quality inspired by the greatest player ever” right?…well? damn it!..show us your the example of what quality is and what every other brand inspires to be…JORDAN is EXCELLENCE!….but its slowly goin down hill….and its PISSIN ME OFF!!!…LOL..woah i feel better now, haha sorry had to vent that out…..serinity now…serinity now
    Oh and that AJXIII up there….SMH…UGLY!…………………………………………………………..imo!

    1. just to clarify…. im not talking about “Performance” with JB, im talking about “Quality, the way they look, etc..” Performance is on point. now if they could just put the 2 together?….Now that would be a JORDAN shoe!..lol like when i was growing up.

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