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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Black/ Red – Release Date

Back in the 1995/1996 Playoffs, MJ wore the Air Jordan 11 that we’ve all come to know and love, but he also wore a pair of lows that featured patent leather that never released to the public… until 2015.

There have been customs made, and pairs supposedly floating around here and there, but the pair you see pictured – with the red inner lining – is how the official retail pairs will look. Keep in mind the image is an actual PE from ’96 and not the 2015 model… hoping nobody really needed that information, but you never know.

Expect them to release this coming Summer, on May 23rd, and the retail price is still uncertain.

Air Jordan 11 Low
Black / Varsity Red
May 23rd, 2015

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Black Red - Release Date

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  1. I seem to only wear my lows during the Summer months because they’re usually rocked(look better) with shorts. Good call JB on the 5/23 release date.

    My opinion on these is that they seem to have lost some appeal with that chopped top. The Concord XI lows are hitting harder for sure. What is that in the area where the “23” is supposed to be?

  2. i like lows but rather have JB come up with new colorways for them, and not take OG colors and lazily slap them on lows.

    1. I would rather they offer both. I would also prefer they offer a supply structure that properly supply’s the demand. You offer a product. I give you my money. Everyone wins. Seems simple. Its how it used to be. Yet its rarely the reality with Jordan these days.

      1. Nike/JB makes just enough to know where they will feed the quick and starve the rest. Letting product sit would force them to price more reasonably; they could care less about the reseller market that people get raped on. I see their greedy angle.

        1. I see it also. It works for them. The problem I have is that the old system worked for them also. And the old system worked for the consumer too. It used to be a mutually beneficial situation. It really doesn’t feel that way anymore. Oh well. They’re just counting their money and punching newborn kittens. And for some reason I still want to give them my money. Their voodoo powers are strong.

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